Jin's blog: 七月 2019 WFU

2019年7月30日 星期二

Tomorrow's cooking plan

Today I want to tell everyone about I wanted to cook our dinner tomorrow, and I don't know why.

I am interested in cooking long time ago, so Mom and Dad bought an electric pot, and I thought I could use it to cook our dinner tomorrow.

I asked Mom can I cook today's dinner when it was afternoon, but Mom said it's too late, so maybe I can cook tomorrow's dinner, because we've got more time to prepare the food.

Mom told me to think of what am I going to cook first, so when I went home, I started looking for recipes.

I wanted to have different dishes like eggs, meat, vegetables, and tofu, also rice, so I searched for how to cook them, and wrote it down.

The first recipe is the scrambled eggs and tomatoes, it is a thing you mix tomatoes and scrambled eggs, it is a famous dish in Taiwan.

The second recipe is the fried pork with soy sauce, I will buy pork, and fry it with soy sauce, and it will be wonderful.

The third recipe is the fried water spinach with garlic, we need garlic to make the vegetable smell better.

The fourth recipe is the egg tofu, we need to buy egg tofu, and fry it with soy sauce, it will be very delicious.

I wish my recipe will work out, because sometimes I said I wanted to do something, but didn't succeed, so wish me good luck.

I think tomorrow will be a very good day, because I think my plan could work out somehow, so I will keep doing my best.

2019年7月29日 星期一

Japan Trip

Today I will gather all the blog I wrote for going to Japan Tohokuchiho, and we went to Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, and Miyagi.

2019年7月28日 星期日

Japan Trip 5 / The End

Today I want to tell everyone about I went back to Taiwan, and I am happy, because the things in Japan are more expensive.

When we woke up, we went to a Tax Free Shop, and we bought a bag of Tiramisu Almond candy, also a Doraemon's lip balm.

Then we went on a boat, I sat outside, so I could see the water, and the boat started working, and we saw a lot of islands during the trip.

When we were going back, the speed increased and there are small waves created by our boat, we can also see the path we just went behind the boat.

We also went to the Godaido Temple, and there were 12 zodiacs on the wall, and each wall has 3 animals, so we went there finding our zodiac.

Then we went to the outlet, and there is a Ferris Wheel there beside the outside, but it is incredibly hot outside.

We went to the Ferris Wheel first, then we went to eat lunch, me and my brother had pancakes, and Mom had a hot dog, Dad had a sandwich, we also drank a very delicious bobble green milk tea.

I wanted to see if there is a shop selling shoes with wheels, because if my shoe got wheels, I don't need to walk a lot.

Then we went to the airport, I ate my dinner on the plane, and I had chicken, vegetables, and potatoes, and also fruits, I think the kids meal this time is good.

When we landed and went to take our luggage, I am a little bit sad, because when all the luggage is here, we need to say goodbye to everyone, but I got no choice.

I think today is a very good day, because we drank a very good bubble green milk tea, but I am incredibly tired after the whole day.

2019年7月27日 星期六

Japan Trip 4 / Eating a lot of Meat

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to eat mochi, and we went to eat meat buffet, we also went to a place where a movie called Oshin was filmed.

When we woke up, we went to a mountain, there was a river between two mountain, there was a mochi shop on the other side of the mountain, we can call them for mochi.

We have to put money inside a box, and they have a security camera, when they see someone using a hammer hitting the piece of wood, someone will pull the string, and put some mochi on the basket, then push it back.

We already booked some mochi, so the guide just need to put a paper in the bucket, they will give us 30 red bean mochi.

The mochi is really good, when we finished eating, we went to the shop, they guide us up and pull the string, we also took a picture, and he gave it to us.

Then we went to eat our lunch, I realized the food we ate were all very salty, even the miso soup was salty, so I drank a lot of water.

We went to the place where Oshin filmed, and there was a waterfall, the water was very clean and cool, then me and my mom went to soak our feet.

When I finished soaking my feet, my sock accidentally touched the water, so I have to take my sock until it is dry.

Then we went to eat a meat buffet, and I ate a lot of meat, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of rice, and two crepes, and I am very full.

I think today is a very good day, but the only bad thing was I ate too full at the meat buffet, so I am afraid I will be very fat.

2019年7月26日 星期五

Japan Trip 3 / A Very Hot Day

Today I want tot ell everyone about today was a very hot day, and we sweat a lot, so I think I am lucky that I bought a towel yesterday.

We woke up very early today, and we went to the deepest lake in Japan, called Lake Tazawa, and there was a statue, and it is a woman.

The woman is very beautiful, and she wanted to always be beautiful, so she asked the god how, and the god said she could go and drink the lake water, but when she drank it, she became more thirsty, she drank a lot, and she became a dragon and swim into the sea.

We went there and we fed the fish, and we threw some stones in the lake, and see if we can make the stone bounce on the water.

When we were feeding the fish, we got a bag of fish food, when we threw one down, a lot of fish will come and get it, it is very cool.

Then we went to some samurai's house, but when we went off the bus, it is very hot outside, and there were ants everywhere, so I don't really like it.

In every free visit house, there are a lot of ants on the ground, and I don't feel comfortable when visiting those houses, so we went back very quickly.

Then we went to take a train to another place, but I felt asleep while sitting on the train, then we were there, the bus was already at the stop, so we went on.

We arrived at a place for making cookies, and we went to buy some Mochi, and we played some wooden stick and a wooden horse.

Then we went to our new hotel, there are four beds on tatami, and I think I will have a good night sleeping on the bed.

2019年7月25日 星期四

Japan Trip 2 / A Big Hotel

Today I want to tell everyone about we went to a hotel at Iwate Prefecture, and we just left Aomori, and the hotel at Iwate is very big.

We woke up very early today, and we ate our breakfast at the hotel, and I think it is good, then we went to Nebuta Museum WA RASSE.

At the museum, there were the lanterns that attended the Aomori Nebutasai event, on this event, some people will dance and watch the big lantern.

When we went in, I think they were all cool, but some isn't cool, and I don't even know what are they making, but I still think they worked very hard.

Then we went to a big shop called 'A-Factory', but I think there isn't a lot of customers, plus I am not interested in any thing there.

Then we went to a lake called Towada, and it won't freeze all year, because it is a deep crater lake, and there were some water flowing out, maybe because there is a hole.

We walked along a river, and the river is filled with Lake Towada's water, and it is called Oirase Keiryu, but the water flows very fast, so I am a bit scared.

When I was walking, I walked very fast, because there were a lot of insects, and I am afraid of a lot of plants around me.

Then we went to the hotel at Iwate, when we went in, we realized the room is very big, and everyone has their own bed, so I am happy.

I think today is a very good day, because we went to different places like the Oirase Keiryu, and Lake Towada, we also went to a big hotel.

2019年7月24日 星期三

Japan Trip 1 / Going from Taipei to Aomori

Today I want to tell everyone about I went to Aomori, and we have a tour guide, and he is leading our group.

There are a lot of people in this group, and we flew from Taipei to Aomori by plane today, I am very happy to go to Japan.

We ate lunch on the plane, and mine is the kids meal, but I changed with Mom, because I don't like to eat noodle, and I thought the airline thought kids like noodles, but except me.

When they were asking for what do you want to eat, I chose the beef plus rice, when the meal came, I knew I was right about changing with Mom, because it seems delicious, and it was delicious, too.

The plane took about three and a half hours to get to Aomori, and I am watching the episodes of Sherlock Holmes I downloaded before.

When the plane took off, I wanted to go to the loo, but the seatbelt sign hasn't go off yet, so I didn't know am I supposed to go in the bathroom?

Then Mom said I could go, because a lot of people went in the loo, I am happy, the reason why I wanted to go to the loo at that time is because the plane delayed to take off.

When we went off the plane, we went to take our tour bus, and we went to eat our dinner, there were a lot of fish, so our dinner today was healthy.

When we went to our hotel, we put our things down, and we went shopping, there was a store near here, and we bought some snacks and medicine.

Then we went to Lawson, and we bought 6 cup noodles there, because the tour guide said there won't be so many stores the other days, so we quickly bought some cup noodles here.

I think today is a very good day, because the meals I ate today were all really good, and I am excited for tomorrow, too, because we will go and eat our breakfast at the hotel.

2019年7月23日 星期二

Scratch 3.0 / The London Trip

Today I want to tell everyone about I finished a Scratch project called London Trip using Scratch 3.0.

The Scratch project is about my trip to London, and I took about two days, about 15 hours in total.

You can press some buttons to answer some questions and decide your next move, you can also click The Shard to see the view from the window.

When you went in the British Museum, you can play a game called awaken animals, if you score 200 points, the game will end.

Each animal got different points, the Formosan Black Bear is 50 points, the cat is 40 points, the elephant 30 points, the lizard is 20 points, and the camel is 10 points, so you can just press the Formosan Black Bear four times and end the game.

When you pressed the 'OK' button at first, the airplane will land and pick you up, so you can fly to London.

When you arrived at London, you can choose where do you want to go, and if you choose one, the option will be 2 left, but then, it won't be one, so when you visited all the places, you can press 'Other..'.

Then you will saw a bus coming, and you will ride to a stop, and there is a building called 'The Shard', after seeing the view, you can play a game at the British Museum.

Then you will take a transportation to Stonehenge, and you needed to answer a question, if you get it right, you will fly back to Taiwan.

I think the Scratch project I made is very good, because the project contains a lot of activities, and some good games.

2019年7月20日 星期六

London Trip 24 / Watching Sherlock Holmes

Today I want to tell everyone about that we stayed at the hotel all day, and we watched Sherlock Holmes and I think it is great.

When we woke up we started watching Sherlock Holmes, and when it is lunchtime, we went to a grocery shop to buy our dinner and breakfast, we also went to eat a restaurant called Ned's Noodle Bar.

We are going back to Taiwan soon, and I think I learned a lot of things during these days, and I want to tell everyone.

There are lots of museums at London, and the museums I like the most are the museums with fun worksheets, and good audio guides.

I learned a lot of things about Henry the 8th, and we also went in the St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Westminster Abbey, and I learned a lot of thing, too.

We are going back to Taiwan soon, and when I arrive at Taiwan, I think I will maybe make the model of Shakespeare's Global Theatre pack I bought.

We were watching Sherlock Holmes today, and the person acting Sherlock Holmes is the person acting Doctor Strange, so I knew him.

Sherlock Holmes has a partner called John Watson, and he is a doctor, they work together to solve cases, but they sometimes fight.

In the Episodes we watched, Watson has a wife, she was a secret agent before, but she died because she blocked a gun shot from an bad woman for Sherlock Holmes. Watson and Holmes were sad, but they became friends at last.

I think the episodes we watched were all very good, but I wish I could see more, unfortunately there isn't more episode, so we just need to wait for season five.

I think Sherlock Holmes this show is very good, because it will show how they solved it, and why will the case start, are the stories were all very clear, so I think I can understand it very well.

I think today is a very good day, because we watched Sherlock Holmes, and I learned a lot of things from the whole London Trip, too.

2019年7月19日 星期五

London Trip 23 / My Brother is the Tour Guide

Today I want to tell everyone about my brother is the tour guide, and we went to the National History Museum, and we also went to a restaurant we ate at New York before, called Chipotle.

When we woke up, we took the underground to the National History Museum, and my brother was very happy to go there, and we saw a lot of different special things.

There were a lot of real animal specimens, there were also some animal species of very tiny birds and some animals that were already extinct.

We also saw a room with a lot of minerals, and there were shiny jewels with different colors, we saw a big and shiny jewel, I thought it might be squirtle's evolution stone.

Then we went to a dinosaur exhibition, and there was a little computer game that three people can play, and there will be some questions, if you answer it right you will get a check mark.

We also went to moon exhibition, but in the exhibition room, there was only one big moon model, even though there was just one, I think it's still good.

Then we went to Chipotle, it's a Mexican restaurant, and I am not really happy, because I think Chipotle is not good at first.

When we arrived, my dad ordered a very delicious bowl of rice, tofu and tomatoes, also lettuce and I think it is great, so Dad gave it to me and Dad bought another one.

Then I thought Chipotle is a very good and delicious restaurant, because I tasted the very delicious bowl at Chipotle.

We went to a grocery shop to buy our breakfast tomorrow, and I think this is the last time we went to this grocery shop, because maybe tomorrow we will go to another one, so I bought a lot of my favorite things in the grocery shop.

I bought three chocolate croissants, because I only ate one before for my breakfast, and I think that's the best bread I've ever tasted, so I decided to buy more.

The two best food I've ever tasted at the grocery shop are the chicken and the chocolate croissant, so I like to eat my breakfast with the chocolate croissants and the chicken.

I think today is a very good day, because I bought the chocolate croissant and the chicken, and I'm excited for tomorrow's breakfast, but I'm sad about leaving London soon.

2019年7月18日 星期四

London Trip 22 / One-day tour to Bath and Stonehenge

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went on a Golden Tour and we went to Bath and Stonehenge and I think they are both cool.

We woke up very early today, and we went to the bus stop, then we saw a place to line up, but we went to the restaurant nearby, and sat there, I ordered a curry rice, when I finished the curry, we went lining up.

When we went on the bus, I was absolutely surprised, because there was a small screen in front of every seats, so that means we can watch videos and play games on that little screen.

On the tour to Bath, I am feeling very great because I feel like I'm sitting on an airplane, in front of me is a small screen, and there was a table, too.

When we arrived at Bath, the tour guide led us to some famous shops, and let us walk around Bath for about three hours, so we went to the museum we also went to buy Sally Lunn's bread, we also went to the ice cream shop called The Real Italian Ice Cream.

There is a worksheet for the museum and we took it, we finished all the questions and all the things we need to find, after that we got a small card that means we finished the worksheet.

Suddenly I realized my sunglasses is gone, then we went to ask the staffs at the museum, they said they didn't found it, so we decided to go back and look for it, just then a staff came out holding my sunglasses, we were all happy to see my sunglasses.

Then we went to buy Sally Lunn's bun, then we went to The Real Italian Ice Cream, we bought three balls of ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, and milk.

Then we went to Stonehenge, there are a lot of stones, but I am not that interested in it, so after an hour, we just went on the bus and went back to London.

I think today is a very good day, because I think I am the lucky, I found my sunglasses in the right time, and we sat on a very good bus.

2019年7月17日 星期三

London Trip 21 / I am the Tour Guide!

Today I want to tell everyone about I am the tour guide of our family, and we went to the National Maritime Museum and we went there for my water bottle.

I really want the water bottle at the museum, because I think it is cool, and when I drink it, I will feel very happy so I decided to pay by myself.

We went to a bus station at first, we took the bus for about six stops, but the bus driver needed to rest, so we all went off the bus and waited for another bus.

When we went off the bus we went to eat McDonald's for lunch and I ordered a hot chocolate, 6 chicken nuggets and a bag of melon.

My brother ordered a kids meal, and the box has a snoopy on it, and you can have a free ticket for some places if you buy two kids meals, and you also can scan a code to play a game.

On the cup of hot chocolate, you can tear a card off, and there was also a sticker to stick on the card, if you get six stickers on a card, you can have a special cup.

Then we went to the museum and bought our water bottle, then we saw a place for children, and we went up, I think the children's room was great, because there were some games about Morse code, and about hitting the bad guy's boat.

There was also two telephones outside of the children's room, me and my brother talked on the phone for a while, then another children came and my brother said 'Hi, Bye,' on the phone, then he put the telephone down.

We also went to a book shop, and my brother was reading Peppa Pig's book, and I was reading Harry Potter's book, and I told Dad that I liked it, so Dad decided to buy me the whole series of Harry Potter's book and send to Taiwan, so I am happy.

I promised Dad to finish the whole series of Harry Potter's book, so I have to finish it.

I think today is a very good day, because I bought a great water bottle, and I am excited for going back to Taiwan, because I want to read my books.

2019年7月16日 星期二

London Trip 20 / Going to the National Gallery

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the National Gallery, but I am not interested in a lot of pictures, and I am sad.

We bought a family package of the audio guide, each person needs 5 pounds for the audio guide, but if we are a family, we just need 10 pounds in total, so I think we were lucky.

There were a lot of pictures that I don't know what is the painter drawing, but when I listen to my audio guide, I knew what is the painter drawing, and I felt happy.

We all saw a picture that contains a lot of secrets and the picture is at the top of this blog, and you can go and find those secrets.

There is a skull on the ground in that picture, you can't see it when you are looking and facing the middle of the picture, but you can see it if you walked towards right and see the picture.

There is a number 29 on the knife that the person on the left is holding and that means his age, and on the right, there is a book that is below the person on the right's hand, on the book there is a number 25 and that is his age, too.

If you can't find the numbers, you can go and crop the image, then you will be easier to see the numbers, wish you can find it, good luck!

Then we saw some people drawing on the ground with chalk, and there's a person that drew a lot of flags, we saw Taiwan, so we decided to put 1 pound on that flag.

Then we went back to our hotel, me and my brother finished an activity book about Sherlock Holmes, and we bought that book when we were at the Sherlock Holmes museum.

We also watched a video of about a song, it is called The Hokey Pokey, and we danced a lot, but Dad doesn't really like it.

I also ate a cup of cup noodle, but I don't think it is really good, I don't think it is really bad, too, but it is not better than Japan's cup noodle.

I think today is a very good day, because I ate a cup noodle, and we went to the National Gallery, and we saw Taiwan's flag.

2019年7月15日 星期一

London Trip 19 / Watching the Wimbledon tennis championship

Today I want to tell everyone about that we watched the tennis championship on TV, and they played at Wimbledon, the tennis court is full of grass.

When we woke up, I ate a very delicious bread, it's the chocolate croissant I bought yesterday, there are chocolate sauce inside the croissant, so I like it very much.

I also ate a plate of Sweet and Smokey Chicken I bought yesterday, and it was good, too, so I think the breakfast I ate this morning was the best ever.

Then we went out to go to a park for watching the tennis championship on a big screen, but we ate our lunch first at a restaurant called Itsu.

When we arrived at the park with a TV showing the tennis championship, there were a lot of people, and the championship was about to start.

Then we thought we could watch at our hotel, because they will need to play for a long time, so we decided to go back.

This championship was Novak Djokovic playing tennis with Roger Federer, and the people watching Wimbledon at the park thinks Roger Federer was better.

When we went back to our hotel, Djokovic won the first set, but the second set, Federer won with 6 to 1, so they were both strong.

I think Federer is good at serving, it is hard to break Federer's serve, so if it is Federer's time to serve the ball, you can hardly win.

Djokovic and Federer played until the last set, and they were both tired, and the last set score is 13 to 12, and Djokovic won.

When we were watching the last set, me and my brother don't even wanted to keep watching, because we were afraid of Djokovic will lose.

Then when we saw the score, we were all very happy, and we all thought they needed to train very hard to get to this point.

Then we finally realized we watched the match for about five hours, and they played for five hours, too, so they must be very tired.

I think today is a good day, because we watched for a long time, and we were right that Djokovic will win today at Wimbledon.

2019年7月14日 星期日

The Special Blog / Pictures of different styles

Today I want to tell everyone about that my Dad wanted us to use different ways to draw animals, and my animal is a penguin.

This one is the Ancient Egyptian penguin, there is a Elaborate Eye on the penguin, and the flower beside the penguin is the Lotus Flower, and there is a Jeweled Collar on its neck.

This one is the Pop Art penguin, it is crying because he can't eat the delicious can over there, it is blocked by a glass.

This one is Art Deco penguin, the penguin on the poster is made by different shapes. A penguin thinks the penguin on the poster is like itself, and a penguin is selling the poster.

I think the penguins I drew were all good, but still not good enough for me, wish I could keep practice and get better.

London Trip 18 / Going to the Science Museum

Today I want to tell everyone about I went to the science Museum, and I learned a lot, so I want to share with everyone.

When we first went in the science Museum, I saw someone holding a toy that can grab things up, so I want to buy it when we finish the science Museum.

We bought a ticket for us 3D movie at 3 PM, and we were all very excited because it is about our planet, Earth, I think the movie is about the animals in the ocean and on the land, but it is about the space and the pollution we made.

First we went to the second floor, because my brother said there are no games on the first floor, and me and my dad talked about the table we saw on the second floor, and I tried to explain it, but I think it is hard.

Then we went to another exhibition, because my brother said there was a game and he wanted to play with me, and he and my mother scored 91 points, so he wanted to see if we can get more scores.

The game we played was a game that we need to put different Internet towers on the map, and there are some people on the map, if a person was happy, it means the person gets Internet to call on a phone, so we needed to let everyone gets internet.

Me and my brothers highest score is still 91, then we gave up, so we went to the family event next door, and we got a pack of things because it was going to close, but we can still come back at three thirty, the family event will continue.

Then we went to watch the 3D movie, before starting, we bought a bag of sweet popcorn, and my brother said he can finish it all, so he doesn’t want my dad to eat too much, after the movie, even though I ate some, he still didn’t finish it.

Then we went out, and we went to feed the pigeons, at first, there were just two pigeons, but more pigeons saw there were delicious food, and they came, after a while, we got about 20 pigeons eating our food.

I think today is a very good day, because we fed some pigeons, and I learned a lot of things in the science museum, even though there weren’t a lot of games.

2019年7月13日 星期六

London Trip 17 / Going to the British Museum

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the British Museum, and I saw different kinds of cultures and old things.

When we went in, we went to Africa exhibition first, because it is the closest, there are the clothes they wore when they were dancing.

There were also a Jesus painting painted by an African artist, and the way they drew were different compared to the other Jesus painting, I think the way they drew is cuter, and I won’t feel so afraid about looking at Jesus’s blood.

We also went to the Greek exhibition, the statue they made at first were all very bad, and the human statues don’t even look like humans.

The statues they made after, they were all better, because they practiced more, and the statue they made after were all very neat and very beautiful.

Then we went to Egypt exhibition, there are different kinds of mummies, and their coffins, too, but some were really scary.

There were also some signs teaching us how to wrap a person into mummy , but if you tell me to wrap a person into mummy, I still don’t know how.

I am afraid that the mummies inside the glass were all real, because if someone breaks the glass, the room will fill with smelly smells.

We also went to South Asia exhibition, and there was a sculpture called Tang Sancai, and Tang Sancai uses three colors, white, red and green, but the paint on Tang Sancai is easy to drop, so when they draw a dot, some paints will flow down.

The reason why British Museum can get a lot of old things is because they brought back the old things from the countries they colonized before.

I think giving old things the The Britain is good, because they can protect the things well and they won’t destroy it.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned a lot of things, and saw a lot of old things,but my leg is very tired.

2019年7月12日 星期五

London Trip 16 / Going to Tate Modern

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to a museum called Tate Modern, and there are a lot of paintings and artworks.

When we went there, there is a slope at the entrance, and my brother likes to play and run there, so Mom and Dad said they will let us play later.

We saw a lot of paintings and drawings, some I knew, but some I don't, and some seems ridiculous, and I can't understand why are they drawing like that.

There are some painters that can draw like the computer, so I think they are really drawing nicely, and the color won't mix together.

The gallery I like the most is the shooting topic gallery, one of the painters hide some paint bags behind the painting, then used a gun to shoot them.

One of the painters shot paints out of the gun to a white paper, the last artist doesn't draw.

She created a telephone booth with Chinese words on it, because she is China people, when the gallery was created, she took a gun inside the gallery and shot a hole on the glass.

Then the gallery is soon closed by the Chinese Communist Party, but after Tiananmen Square Protest, people think her work is an icon of anti-government protest. Because it means China people went protest, and they shot a hole, and the telephone booth is the government, and I think I agree.

After that, we went to play on the big slope at the entrance, and I think it will be more fun if our shoes got wheels.

If we bring our skateboard here, we could sit on it and slide down, if our shoes got wheels, it would be very exciting.

We ate the cafe for lunch, and me and my brother both got a kid meal box, and there are fruits and sandwiches and also a chocolate brownie.

I think today is very good, because we ate our delicious lunch today, and we play the slide, but if our shoes got wheels, it would be better.

2019年7月11日 星期四

London Trip 15 / Going to Dad's Friend's House

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to visit Sherlock Holmes's museum, and we visited Dad's friend's house.

First, when we woke up, my mom was very happy, because Sherlock Holmes is her favorite movie, and she knew a lot about the story.

When we went there, we needed to buy the ticket at the museum shop first, then we needed to line up, because the room can't fit a lot of people.

When it was our turn, we were very excited, and when I saw some statues, I can think of the story, because I read books about Sherlock Holmes before.

Then we went to the museum shop, we bought a poker card, and a coin with Sherlock Holmes's snap on it, and also a detective book.

Then we went to Wallace Collection about the armors and some paintings, but I think it is boring, and we also debated about how can we attack the enemies.

I think we could use the horses poop, we can pack it into bags, and throw at the enemy, so they will think it is disgusting.

We could also use a long chain with a knife in front, so if we throw the chain, it might make the horses' legs hurt, and they can't walk.

Then we went to Dad's friend's house, and we needed to prepare fruits, and they will prepare the dinner, so I am happy.

The dinner they prepared was awesome, and I ate two bowls, then we started eating fruits, it was very good to eat.

We also watched TV, and the show was about the history of the Great Britain, and it talked about Henry the 8th, too.

I think today is a wonderful day, because we went to Dad's friend's house, so I am very very happy, and I think Sherlock Holmes's museum is good, too.

2019年7月10日 星期三

London Trip 14 / Taking the London Big Bus

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went on the London Big Bus, and we sat on the bus for a long time for watching the views.

There are blue, red, orange, purple and green lines, we took red, orange and blue today, and the red line is the most popular line.

First, we went on a bus, and we sat at the second row on the second floor, because we were waiting for the first row.

When the people in the first row went off the bus, we went there, but the next stop was our stop, then Mom said we can sat longer, and went off at another station.

When we hadn't arrived at our destination, the bus stopped, because the tours and the drivers needed to rest, so we went off the bus.

We were all hungry, luckily, there was a fast food restaurant near by called Shake Shack, so we went in and found a seat.

Then we ordered three Shack Burgers, one Chipotle Cheddar Burger, and one Chick'n'Burger, so we bought five burgers in total.

Then we went on a bus about three stops, then we went off for changing to the blue tour, so we can see different views.

This time, we sat at the back of the bus, because it had no roof, so we can feel the wind blowing, and we can nearly touch the branches of trees.

We were very happy sitting there, and we felt sitting at the back is even better than sitting in the front, because it is cooler.

Then we went off the bus and changed to orange line, because we were going back to our hotel, this time, we just sat downstairs, because it is only a few stops, and we chose the higher seat to sit on, so we felt special sitting up there.

I think today is a tired day, even though we didn't walk, and my leg isn't tired, but my head is tired, because sitting on a chair the whole day isn't fun at all.

2019年7月9日 星期二

London Trip 13 / Going to St. Paul's Cathedral by a ship!

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the St. Paul's Cathedral again, because today is Monday, but we went there by a ship.

When we went in the ship, we went upstairs, but there were a lot of people and it was hot, so we decided to sit downstairs when we are going back.

When we were at the final stop, we went downstairs, and stayed on the ship, because we were going back to St. Paul's Cathedral.

We went to the St. Paul's Cathedral, we visited the part we didn't visit the other day, because today was Monday, and the special parts only open on Monday.

We first went to the top of the dome, because it was going to close, when we were on top, I felt wonderful, but tired, because we climbed a lot of stairs.

The audio guide at St. Paul's Cathedral is great, because there are some activities on the audio guide for the family type tour.

The main character of the family tour is a Phoenix, and Phoenix is a kind of bird that reborn from the ashes of the fire, but that is only a legendary story.

Then we went out of the Cathedral, because St. Paul's Cathedral was almost time to close, and we went to a place where we can play table tennis.

There were two tables for table tennis, and there were a lot of seats in front of a big screen, and the big screen was showing the tennis competition.

Me and Mom went close to the table for table tennis, because we were waiting for someone to go, and we can play table tennis.

When it is our turn, the wind kept getting stronger, so the ball kept rolling away, at last we gave up playing it, but the last time we played, I won.

I think today is a very good day, because we went to the table tennis table and played for a while, and I won at last.

2019年7月8日 星期一

London Trip 12 / Going to the Windsor Castle

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Windsor Castle, and we went there and back by train, so I am happy.

When we woke up, I realized I didn't buy my breakfast, so I ate half of Mom's bread, and some fruits, but I am still hungry.

Then we went on the train, and went to the Windsor Castle, on the train, we talked about why do the station tell you the platform at the late time.

The reason is they wanted you to go shopping before you are allowed to go to the platform, so the station and the store can make some money.

When we arrived, we saw a long line at the front of the castle, so me and my mom went to McDonald's to buy two burgers, two fries, 6 chicken nuggets, a hot chocolate, and a hot tea for everyone to eat, and Dad and my brother were lining up for the castle.

We watched a video about how airports make money, the main income is when the plane arrives, because if the plane arrives, the airlines need to pay for landing on the airport.

Some airports will count how many people on the plane, and the airlines would pay a part of the ticket money for everyone on the plane to the airport.

We waited for about one and a half hour to get in, but I don't think it is interesting because there are no worksheets, so I am sad.

The best part of going in the Windsor Castle is to play with the audio guide, because we could send feedback, and I always give five stars because it let me practice typing, and I even typed a song on the feedback I sent.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned about airports and I can send feedback as many times I wanted.

2019年7月7日 星期日

London Trip 11 / Going to the Hampton Court Palace

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Hampton Court Palace and we went to see the Pride Parade.

We needed to take a train to the Hampton Court Palace, and Hampton Court Palace was the home of the Henry the 8th.

I don't really like Henry the 8th, because he has 6 wives, and he killed two of them, and divorced with two of them, too, one of them died when her son was born, and the sixth wife survived after Henry the 8th died.

Henry the 8th and the first wife's daughter is Mary the first, and he and the second wife's daughter is Elizabeth the first, he and the third wife's son is Edward the 6th.

Henry the 8th always wanted a son, so he liked the third wife the most, but the third wife died after Edward the 6th was born.

Henry the 8th saw a beautiful picture about the fourth wife, so he married her, but when he saw her real face, it looks worse than the picture, a few days later, they divorced, but the wife wanted a lot of money, a castle and a palace, or else she won't agree. Of course, Henry the 8th really did that.

Then we went to feed the animals with the bread we bought yesterday, first we fed the crows, but they were scared, so it is hard to feed, then we fed a duck, it is easy to feed, after a while it started chasing us. We also fed some little swans and we also fed some white and big swans.

Then we went to the Pride Parade and stand by watching, but there are a lot of people smoking and the sound they were playing were very loud, also there are a lot of garbage all over the ground.

I think today is a good day, because we learned a lot about Henry the 8th, but I think my head is hurt after smelling the smoke at the Pride Parade.

2019年7月6日 星期六

London Trip 10 / Going to the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and we went to Cutty Sark, we also get there by bus.

When we woke up, we took the tube to a station called The O2, and we saw the bus coming but there are a lot of people going up, suddenly another bus came, and we went on, because there aren't a lot of people there, and we got the front seats on the second floor.

Then we arrived at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and we went in, Dad explained that Big Ben uses sound to let all the people in London to know the correct time.

I think the Royal Observatory Greenwich is very good, because we can learn about a lot of old machines for checking the time.

Then we went on a boat called Cutty Sark, and it traveled 957995 miles in total, and when it was loading the tea chests, it could load 10000 tea chests.

There is a machine that can try driving a boat from Australia to London with the trade winds, the captain traveled 73 days to go there, and I traveled 78 days to get to London, so I think I am good at driving, but I won't be a captain when I grew up.

I think the Cutty Sark is very good, because there is a kids worksheet, and we can collect stamps, we can also play some little games.

Using copper to cover the boat can make the driving easier, because it can stop the barnacles sticking on the boat, and copper can make the boat stronger.

Using Iron instead of wood can make the ship stronger, and it can make more space to contain things, or increase the workers room.

When we were going back, we saw a bus coming, but there are some people sitting in the first seat on the second floor, so we decided to wait for another bus, when the second bus came, there aren't anyone sitting on the first seat on the second floor, so we were lucky.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned a lot of things, and we are very lucky to sit on the first seat on the second floor every time we get on the bus.

2019年7月5日 星期五

London Trip 9 / Going to Kensington Palace

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Kensington Palace, Cartoon Museum and the Transport Museum.

I woke up today because I heard Dad talking on the phone, and I ate the delicious sandwiches I bought at a shop for breakfast.

Then we went to the Kensington Palace, there are stories about Queens and Kings, there are also some Kings or Queens living there before.

Queen Victoria is one of the people that lives here. There are crowns in a room, and we can see the diamonds shining.

Princess Diana is one of the person that lived here before, but she didn't stayed long, she has a husband, after they divorced, Diana found a boyfriend, but when they are driving in a tunnel being chased by paparazzi, they crashed, and they both died.

Then we went to the cafe in the Palace, we brought some bread out to feed the pigeons and the ducks and swans, the all seemed happy.

In the afternoon, we went to the Cartoon Museum, and there are some good drawings, and I drew a monster hiding behind a tree and tried to eat a fake child.

Then we went to the Transport Museum, and we finished a worksheet, it's about finding 13 stamps, and we found it all, but I am not sure what will we get.

There are a lot of old buses and tubes for us to sit, and I think they are all cool, after visiting, I took more worksheets because I think it will be fun.

I think the best museum today is the Transport Museum, because I completed a worksheet, and I saw and sat on different vehicles.

I think the best thing we do today is feeding the pigeons, the ducks and the swans, because I think they are all hungry, so I fed them.

2019年7月4日 星期四

London Trip 8 / Going to the Churchill War Rooms

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Churchill War Rooms and the Westminster Abbey, and I am happy.

We woke up at seven-thirty today, because we need to start lining up before the Churchill War Rooms open, even though we are early, there are still lots of people.

We waited for an hour and 30 minutes to go in the Churchill War Rooms, when we were there, we got a tour guide.

Churchill had been chosen as the prime minister because at that time, Britain wants a prime minister that can fight with Nazi Germany, because the prime ministers wanted to make peace all failed.

Churchill is emotional, but he will fight, after he led the British to won the World War Two, everyone chose another prime minister.

Churchill's father was disappointed that he doesn't do a great job when he is at high school, but he still became the prime minister, and his father wanted to, but he failed, so he still did better than his father in some ways.

Then we went to the Westminster Abbey, we got a tour guide, too, and I finished listening all the recordings, so I am really happy.

The tour guide machine type is same as the ones at the Royal Mews, so we knew how to change languages and tour types.

I think the tour guide at the Royal Mews is better because there are some games we can play on the tour guide at the Royal Mews.

I think today is happy, because we went to a famous museum, but we needed to line up for an hour and 30 minutes.

2019年7月3日 星期三

London Trip 7 / Going to the Royal Mews

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Royal Mews, and we went to Leonardo da Vinci: A life in drawing.

When we woke up, I ate the mushrooms I bought yesterday, because I thought it is going to be good, but it isn't, and the bowl is very big, so I took a long time to finish it.

Then we went to the Royal Mews, there are a lot of carriages, and some are comfortable but not fashion, and some are fashion but not comfortable.

There is a golden carriage, but the Queen said it isn't comfortable. The golden carriage is also too big for the room, so there is a secret door in the room.

I tried a carriage in a room, and everyone can sit on the carriage, too, and there are some clothes to wear, and be like a prince or princess.

After the Royal Mews, we went to the Leonardo da Vinci: A life in drawing event, there are a lot of drawings that Leonardo da Vinci drew.

In this exhibition, he uses pencils to draw lines and practice how to draw a thing, even the thing he drew isn't right, it is still beautiful.

I think he is brave at drawing things, even he know it's hard, he will still keep drawing until it is good enough for himself.

Then we went to Jewel Tower, and it is very small, there are two small floors, and there are different kinds of bowls and spoons.

There are even some tools telling you which one is heavier, the cool thing about the Jewel Tower is there are toy bows and crossbows in the shop.

I think today is a good day, because we went to the Royal Mews, and I saw a lot of da Vinci's drawings.

2019年7月2日 星期二

London Trip 6 / Going to the Tower of London

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Tower of London, and we went to the Tower Bridge, too.

When we woke up, we went to the Tower of London, when we were there, I felt tired to go in the Tower, but we still needed to go in.

When we were there, there are some rooms of the kings that controlled this Tower before, their rooms are very cool, and there blankets are like the ones we are using now.

Suddenly, I felt hungry, but I suggested to finish visiting first, then go to eat, so we visited almost all the parts of the castle.

Then we went to a cafe and ate our lunch, I ordered a tuna burrito, and I think it is very good to eat, my mom ordered a mushroom curry rice, the mushroom is good, but the rice is hard to bite.

There was a bad uncle that killed the two princes, just because they are going to be the king when the king dies, the uncle wanted to be king himself.

Then we went to the London Tower Bridge, I am very excited to go on the line on top, when we were there, I saw a piece of glass, and we can stand on it and look down.

When we went down, we went to the shop of the bridge, then we went to HMS Belfast to visit, we were excited.

There are small stairs, and we can follow the trail and walk up and down the stairs, so me and my brother both think it is very fun.

I think today is a very good day, because we went to the HMS Belfast, and the London Tower Bridge, but visiting the Tower of London made me hungry.

2019年7月1日 星期一

London Trip 5 / Going to the Old Operating Theatre Meseum

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Old Operating Theatre Museum, and I think it is fun there because we wrote worksheets and had a lot of fun.

When we woke up, my mom asked me about what did I dreamed yesterday, because she said I kept shaking her hand.

I said I had a dream being a trash can, and Dad is a table, and Mom is water, so I need to catch the water that dropped from the table.

Then we went out to the Shakespeare's Global Theatre, this theatre is the first global theatre, and we went there for the London Pass free tour.

We needed to wait for about 3 hours for the next tour, so we went to the St. Paul's Cathedral and the monument to the great fire of London first.

The Cathedral is big, but there are people worshiping, so we can't visit the whole cathedral, Dad said that we are going to there again tomorrow.

The monument is very tall, but I had a great picture of it, we can climb on it, but it is almost the time for the theater tour, so we hurried there.

When the tour starts, the guide introduced that the theatre rebuilt 2 times, and it means the building now is the third building they made.

The first is destroyed by the real cannon used for sounds, and the cannon burned the roof, and the whole building was destroyed in 2 hours.

The second time is destroyed by the puritan. They destroyed all the theatres they could see in London, including this one.

When the tour finished, we went to the Old Operating Theatre Museum, when we saw we could write worksheets, we all took one.

We found all the answers and found out there are two worksheets, when we finished both, we give it to the cashier, and he checked them, at last we got a free badge, and the badge costs £1 at first, but because we wrote the worksheets, we got one free.

I think today is a really good day, because there is a special thing, we took a taxi when going to the Shakespeare Global Theatre.