Jin's blog: London Trip 19 / Watching the Wimbledon tennis championship WFU

2019年7月15日 星期一

London Trip 19 / Watching the Wimbledon tennis championship

Today I want to tell everyone about that we watched the tennis championship on TV, and they played at Wimbledon, the tennis court is full of grass.

When we woke up, I ate a very delicious bread, it's the chocolate croissant I bought yesterday, there are chocolate sauce inside the croissant, so I like it very much.

I also ate a plate of Sweet and Smokey Chicken I bought yesterday, and it was good, too, so I think the breakfast I ate this morning was the best ever.

Then we went out to go to a park for watching the tennis championship on a big screen, but we ate our lunch first at a restaurant called Itsu.

When we arrived at the park with a TV showing the tennis championship, there were a lot of people, and the championship was about to start.

Then we thought we could watch at our hotel, because they will need to play for a long time, so we decided to go back.

This championship was Novak Djokovic playing tennis with Roger Federer, and the people watching Wimbledon at the park thinks Roger Federer was better.

When we went back to our hotel, Djokovic won the first set, but the second set, Federer won with 6 to 1, so they were both strong.

I think Federer is good at serving, it is hard to break Federer's serve, so if it is Federer's time to serve the ball, you can hardly win.

Djokovic and Federer played until the last set, and they were both tired, and the last set score is 13 to 12, and Djokovic won.

When we were watching the last set, me and my brother don't even wanted to keep watching, because we were afraid of Djokovic will lose.

Then when we saw the score, we were all very happy, and we all thought they needed to train very hard to get to this point.

Then we finally realized we watched the match for about five hours, and they played for five hours, too, so they must be very tired.

I think today is a good day, because we watched for a long time, and we were right that Djokovic will win today at Wimbledon.