Jin's blog: 四月 2018 WFU

2018年4月30日 星期一

I use some blocks to make a motorcycle

Today I want to tell everyone about that I used some blocks to make a motorcycle, and it can push the motorcycle, and the motorcycle can go very fast.

I want to put Jigglypuff on that motorcycle, and push the motorcycle out, then see what will happen to Jigglypuff?

When the motorcycle has been pushed, Jigglypuff just fell down from the motorcycle, and at that time I saw Jigglypuff, it is very cute.

Because Jigglypuff is too cute when falling down of the motorcycle, so I took a video, and I used this video to post on Tik Tok.

But at last I didn't put the video on Tik Tok, I took another video and posted it on Tik Tok, and I think it is very funny.

I think maybe everyone will like it, but now there are just two people giving that video a heart, and I am sad.

Because I want a lot of hearts, so I take another video about drawing, and now just two hearts, and I am very sad, I thought I can get 4 hearts.

Maybe I should take a lot of videos, then maybe I will get lots of hearts, but I don't know what can I take about the video

If I got a lot of hearts, I will be very happy, and I will keep making videos, and I want to be a lot of hearts in Tik Tok.

I think I can do my best, and one video is about five hearts, then it is very good, but I don't think I can do it.

2018年4月29日 星期日

Today I went to a math exam

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to a math exam, and there are two parts of the math exam.

The first part is easy one, and another one is the hard part. In the easy one, some of the questions I have to guess, but I don't know if I am right.

In the hard part, there are 15 questions, and I just know five questions' answers, and I'm not sure if I am right or wrong.

Maybe my math exam score is low, because I just know five questions, but if I got it all wrong, then I got zero point.

Maybe I will get some of them right, then I will be about 35 points in the hard part, and I will be very happy, but I think that is impossible.

Today I also had a science exam, and it is all about ice or plants, but our school didn't teach us that, so I don't know about that.

There is one question it asked when you put the fire on the candle, it will be normal shape, but when you put the fire on the candle in space, what shape will it be? I am not sure about that, but my Dad said it will be a ball-shape.

About that question, I write it will be a ball, when I heard my Dad said it will be a ball, I am very happy because maybe I am right.

I think I will get some good score, but it will not be very good, and if I get a good score, I will be very happy.

2018年4月28日 星期六

I went to my brothers family day

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to my brother's family day, and we played two games and make one cake.

The first game, there is a clue and you need to find what the thing is on the clue, and the family that found that thing can got 100 points, but it is not for me or my Mom and Dad, it is for my brother.

The second game, student's parents need to stand on a chair, and the students parent cannot say the words, they can only make some action, and students need to guess what it is. If you are right, you can get 50 points, but this time I get 50 points, too.

When we finished playing the two games, we needed to walk to the cake store and we can make our cake, and it will give us something we need.

It will tell you how to make a cake and you can put fruits inside, you can put your butter on it, when we finished the cake, it was delicious.

First you need to stir the milk into butter, and you can put your fruit inside the two pieces of cake, then put butter on it.

When we finished this cake, it is for mom, but everyone just ate it, and Mom eat some, too, and everyone think the cake is good.

When we finished eating the cakes, we had a surprise, the teachers will take six people, and their parents need to answer the question, if their parents answered right, they can choose one gift box and stand in front of it.

There is a box that has 3000 points, and there are two people stand in front of it and one of each could have 1500 points.

I think today is fun, because we ate our cakes, and I think we did good, and we played two games, so today is happy.

2018年4月27日 星期五

Jigglypuff is cute

Today I want to tel everyone about that my Jigglypuff doll is about 7 month, and I think it is still very cute.

I knew there is a Pokemon game, and when I saw the Pokemon Jigglypuff, I thought it was cute, and I want a doll.

Then we went to Japan, and we just found a Jigglypuff doll, and I bought it, and I really like it.

I don't want my Jigglypuff doll to be dirty, and I want to keep it, and play with me until I am older.

When I am older, maybe Jigglypuff this doll is broken or dirty, and I won't like it, but I think if it often go to wash, maybe it can live for a long time.

Jigglypuff is the cutest doll that I ever seen, and I want to take it to everywhere I go, and take care of it.

At school, everyone call me Jigglypuff, because I like Jigglypuff this Pokemon, and everyone knew it.

When we are learning sports, and boys are throwing the ball, and girl are talking, and we talk about Jigglypuff!

I think I can love Jigglypuff this doll for ever, because I love Jigglypuff, and it is quite expensive.

2018年4月26日 星期四

I went to eat Formosa Chang's rice

Today I went to eat a restaurant called: Formosa Chang, and I like to eat its chicken rice, because it is better than the Braised pork over rice.

When you finished eating the chicken, under the rice, there is still a liquid like soup, and when you eat it with rice, it is very good.

We ate this restaurant before in Taipei, and we all thought that restaurant is good to eat, and we wanted to go again.

Now, we have the restaurant in Taichung, and we can go to eat again if we have time, and I will be happy.

After we finished eating, we went to a store to buy somethings, like:

  1. A bottle of milk, and it has two small milk beside.
  2. A bottle of cashew nuts, it is healthy.
  3. A box of chocolate pie, it is good to eat.
  4. A lot of cookie and candy.
  5. My Dad's medicine.
  6. 2 tooth paste.

When everyone got home, everyone is tired, and we all wanted to sleep, so today we didn't do a lot of things.

I think today is fun, but it is tired, too, and I want to have fun today, and work hard tomorrow.

2018年4月25日 星期三

Today is my teacher's birthday

Today I want to tell everyone about today is my teacher's birthday, and everyone surprised our teacher.

Some of us came to school earlier, and we hid under our desks, and one person turned on the light.

Then we draw happy birthday on the black board, and I think we drew awesome, and I think our teacher will be happy.

When our teacher went in the classroom, my teacher thought that we are doing something bad, and we are all laughing.

The person that turned on the light told our teacher to walk inside, and he turned on the light, then everyone was singing happy birthday song to our teacher.

When our teacher was surprised, she gave us all a bread, and everyone is happy, but I didn't open it yet.

Then we need to go to brush the toilet, and all of us hid in the washroom, then teacher can't find us.

Just then, our teacher came, but teacher knew that we are in the washroom, so our teacher said "If you don't come out, you are in trouble!", because everyone don't want to have any trouble, so everyone came out.

This plan failed, because teacher knew that we are hiding in the washroom, so I felt sad, if our teacher didn't know we are hiding in the bathroom, this plan will succeed.

I think today is awesome, but there is a plan that is failed, but I think teacher knew how good is us.

I exchanged two gifts

Today I want to tell everyone about that I exchanged two gifts with 110 points, in our class, we can get points by doing things.

If you go to brush the toilet in the morning, and do something with the lunch, like: wash dishes, then you need to go to sweep the floor, if you did it all everyday, you can get 3 points a week.

If you just do two or one of them, you just get 2 or 1 point(s). Sometimes we will use your homework score to plus points.

We have A++, A+++, and A++++, if you got A++, you can get one point, you just need to minus a +, then it is how many points you've got, and I got A+++ or A++++ almost in any homework .

If there is some activities that you can add points, too, like: 10 people jumped rope, tug of war and brigade relay, it is always two points.

The gift that I exchanged is a notebook and a pencil, and the notebook is 70 points, and the pencil is 40 points.

My classmate gave me one picture, and it is about SUMIKKOGURASHI, and I think it is very cute.

In the picture, I like the cat the most, because its ears are in different color, and it is a cat, and there is a polar bear, too.

I think the two things that I exchanged are good, because I can use that pencil to draw on the notebook!

2018年4月23日 星期一



我有參加數學和閱讀的比賽,我的數學總分是 104 分,是五年級的前 30%,閱讀成績是 152 分,超過均標。













2018年4月22日 星期日





我們的題目是:「利用 APP 辨別澱粉食材與優點反應之顏色變化」,我們一開始因為看到電視上有在食物是否有含澱粉的實驗,所以才決定要做這主題。











2018年4月21日 星期六

A busy day

Today I want to tell everyone about that I had a busy day today and all of my families are tired, too, and we are home now.

When it is morning we went to the Science Museum to get some prizes, but when we got there, we need to wait for three hours.

Finally we can go up to the stair, and we can take a board writing the first place, and at that time we are all happy.

When it is afternoon, we went to listen to my Dad's speaking, and this speaking was about two hours, when we went home, everyone felt tired again.

My Dad's speaking is about a book, and my Dad is talking about Japan fighting with America, who won who lost.

When it is evening, we went to eat a dinner for Mother's Day, and I think everyone think the dinner is good to eat.

After eating dinner, we went to a shop, and we bought some books and folders, my brother bought another Squirtle.

When we got home everyone felt tired, and almost everyone in the car fell asleep, so today is a very busy day.

I think today is very busy, and everyone is tired, when we got home to rest, we only have 20 minutes to eat lunch.

When we finished listening my Dad's speaking, we came home to rest, but we just rest for 10 minutes, and we need to go to the restaurant to eat dinner.

2018年4月20日 星期五

I will go to Science Museum tomorrow

Today I want to tell everyone that I will go to the Science Museum tomorrow, because we won the Science Speaking Contest first place.

When we knew that we won the first place, I think everyone is happy, because we thought we couldn't win the speaking test.

Tomorrow everyone in our team will go to the Science Museum to get the prizes, I want to get some money or gifts.

Now I am very excited, because I will go to the Science Museum and I will see my classmate, and my teammates.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will go to listen to my Dad's speaking, because my Dad will go to bookstore and talk about a book.

Tomorrow evening, we will go to eat dinner together with my grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt for Mother's Day.

So tomorrow we will have a busy day, and I think when we are going back, everyone except the driver will get into sleep.

When we got home, I think everyone will go to take a shower and go to sleep, and now I am very excited for tomorrow.

When it is tomorrow morning, I will be very happy, because I can see my classmate and we can play together.

I think tomorrow will be fun, because when it is morning, afternoon or evening, there is always things to do.

2018年4月18日 星期三

I don't have any exams left

Today I want to tell everyone about I finished the last two exams, and I got high scores, so I am very happy.

I got 96 on my Math exam, and this is the second highest score in our class, and the highest score in our class is 98.

When I got home, we went to watch a movie called "Ready Player One", and I think it is quite good to watch.

This movie is about a boy main character, and he is playing VR, and when he is in a car racing, he met a girl.

The boy main character broke the girls motorcycle, and he finds his friend to fix that motorcycle.

The next time they met is at the second time they race, and this time, the boy main character knew how to drive to the finish line.

One day, he gave the girl his name, and now he is gonna to die, because someone wants to kill him and got the first place.

One time, there is a place, and they need to find a girl, and ask her "can I dance with you?", then you can get the key.

You can get the third key in a game, you need to find a door, and find a dot, and take it back to the start.

When the boy main character found three keys, he opened the door, and the boy avoided a mistake which the game maker did before.

After all, it was a test, and the boy main character didn't sign on it, then he got the Easter Egg!

I think this movie is very fun, and I want to wait for the Avengers 3, I want to watch that movie.

2018年4月17日 星期二

I just have two more exams!

Today I want to tell everyone about that I finished to exams today, and I just have two exams left.

Today when we are at the speaking science test, we are all very afraid, because if we say the words wrong, we will be shy.

When it is the time that we need to talk, I will forget some words and sentences that I need to say.

When the teachers are asking questions, they just asked one question, and we are all very happy.

I have a exam at morning, and I got 98 on the Chinese test, and I got 94 on the science test, and I am a little bit sad.

I have a lot of mistakes were not able to have, and I am sad about this part, but I am still very normal.

There is a question is asking about witch one is slower, but I think it is asking about witch one is faster.

I think today is a normal day, but if we win at the science speaking test, we will be the first team that wins this test from our school.

If we win the science speaking test, my teacher will give us some gift, so I hope we can win this exam.

2018年4月16日 星期一

I finished another quiz

Today I want to tell everyone about that I finished an exam in my English class, but I have 11 questions that I am not sure.

I don't really know what is an adverb, and I just pick a word to circle, but when I give up, my classmate said I am wrong.

I am confused because I just know some adverbs have to plus "ly", but I don't know other words.

I know adverbs are used to describe verb and other adjective, but I circle the word before the verb, and I am wrong.

When I go home, I asked my Dad 'is "to" an adverb?', my Dad said 'to' is not an adverb, then I am sad, because I am wrong.

There is another part that I am not sure, you need to write the right word on it, and it will give a base word, you need to change it.

When I saw the question, I don't really know all of them, because I am confused if I can change the base word or not?

When I finished this exam, I felt happy, because I just have 4 exams left, tomorrow's test I need to do it very good!

I think today is very happy, because I finished one more exam, but tomorrow's second exam is very important.

When it is the time, my teacher will take me and my friend to a museum, and we will have an oral test.

2018年4月15日 星期日

Go to the math exam

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the math exam today, and I only know 2 questions.

We need to get up really early, and the test start at 9 o'clock. We went to a university and it is teaching PE.

Because I complete the first exam, so I could come here and do the second exam, and I don't know a lot of questions.

There are two people that are grade 5, and I am one of them, when I saw there just me and another people, I am very surprised.

The questions are hard, because you need to write down how do you know the answer, if you didn't write, you cannot get the points.

When I am testing, I think I will know a lot, but I just know the first and the second questions.

When I finished the exam, there are still about 1 hour, but we cannot leave the classroom, so I am boring.

Finally, the bell rings, and I can go home, then we go to buy some drinks, and have fun, I am happy!

I think today is happy, because I finish one test, I just have 5 exams left, and I just need to wait for tomorrow.

Now I am very excited, because if I finished the other exam, I just have 4 exams left, when I finish them all, I am free.

2018年4月14日 星期六

I will have four busy days

Today I want to tell everyone about I will have lots of tests from tomorrow to April eighteenth.

Tomorrow I need to go to a math exam, and now I am very scared, I wanted to have a good score.

Tomorrow's exam is hard, and I think I will not know a lot of answers, so I need to do my best.

The test on April sixteenth is a test in my English class, and it is writing only, and we will have oral test on April eighteenth.

We will have a Mandarin test on April seventeenth and eighteenth, so I will be very busy, but some of the test are fun.

When it is April seventeenth, I will have a contest in the afternoon, if we won, my Mandarin teacher will give us some gifts.

I have six test and competition from tomorrow to April eighteenth, and I will be busy, and I need to practice a lot.

When I finish those tests, I will be free, because I finished those tests, but about one day, we need to keep learning things.

When we finish those tests, we can relax for awhile, but we will have another quiz when it is June.

I think I will have a good score on most of the tests, because some are easy, and some are hard.

2018年4月13日 星期五

I like to draw

Today I want to tell everyone about that I like to draw the character, and I don't know how to draw boys I just know how to draw girls.

Now I want to learn how to draw boys, and I want to draw a song and it is quite famous in Tik Tok, and I want to have a video about this song.

Before I said I want to have a photo about a girl pointing 1, 2 and 3, I finished drawing that one, but I didn't bring back to home.

The next week, I think I will bring back my drawing paper, then I can have a video about the song, and I can draw another song.

Now, I want to draw a lot of songs, and I will finish it quickly, but I think I need to take a long time, so I need to hurry up.

I don't have a lot of time to draw, because I need to have some test soon, and I need to review the test, so I don't have a lot of time.

Today my Chinese teacher gave me a notebook, and I use that notebook to draw, but if you touch it, and pull it hard it will be ripped.

I want to sing for my Mandarin teacher to give me that notebook, because I don't have any paper to draw before, and now I have my own notebook.

I think this notebook is very good, because the paper's size are very fit, and my character can draw in the middle.

I think if I keep practicing and keep being good, my Mandarin teacher will give me more prize, so I need to practice harder.

2018年4月11日 星期三

Hershey's chocolate

Today when I am having English class, my English teacher got a bag of Hershey's chocolate, and he gave it to us.

Everyone got one chocolate, the gold one and the orange one have nuts inside, but the nuts are not round, it is a little piece of nut.

I took the orange one, and when I bit the first bite, I think that chocolate is the best chocolate that I ever eat in the world.

The gold one is dark chocolate, and the orange one is not very dark, and the silver one has no nuts, it's just a normal chocolate.

When you bite the first bite, the nuts are not very hard to bite, it is very soft, and the nuts are like cookies.

When I finished this chocolate, I wanted to have another one, then I saw it, when we go to New York, we will go to this chocolate shop, and I can buy a bag for everyone in my English class.

My English teacher said he got this chocolate from a student that he taught, and he doesn't know how to eat it by himself, so he gave those chocolate to my English teacher.

There are a lot of chocolate in this shop, because in a book, it draw the shop has a lot of chocolates, and there are a lot of people, too.

I think this chocolate is very good to eat, and when I go to New York, I want to buy a bag of this chocolate.

I don't know if I will give a lot of chocolate to my English class classmate, will they be very happy? Or don't like nuts?

2018年4月10日 星期二

Lesley / Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everyone about that I bought Lesley today, because I had 32,000 battle points to buy Lesley.

This hero is a Marksman, and she has three skills, she is good at shooting and defeating another enemies, but she is afraid of gank.

The first skill: she can be in invisible, but you still can see her moving and walking, her speed will be faster than before, and the attack power will be stronger, too, when you are using the first skill, your damage will be higher.

The second skill: she can use a bomb to let you go backward, and she will jump backwards, too. This skill is useful to escape from a gank.

When the enemies want to defeat you, you can use this bomb to let you and the enemies go backwards to keep a distance, then you can use the first skill and run away.

The third skill: when your HP is very low, she can use her ultimate to shoot you, and you will be dead, if you use the first skill first, then you use the third skill to snipe, its damage will be higher than just using the third skill.

Lesley is a good hero, that can cause high damage, when Lesley is about 10 level, her attack speed and attack damage will be very high.

I think Lesley is good, but she is not very good at killing almost 3 or 4 people, because she is a Marksman, with no area damage.

2018年4月9日 星期一

I want to have some videos

Today I want to tell everyone that I want to have some videos in the Tic Tok this app, and I finished drawing the picture in my school.

Now I have a problem, because I think I didn't draw it well, some pictures are big, and some pictures are small, so I think I didn't draw it very well.

Now I want to draw it again, and I have a piece of paper. I must draw it smaller than that size, and not too small.

When I draw it again, I think I am drawing better than before, because that person that I draw in the picture looks bigger and cuter than before.

Because I need to draw it very well and almost the same size, so it is hard to draw, and I finished the first picture now.

I don't know how to draw the second person, because I don't know how to draw the clothes and the hair of that person.

I don't know how to draw the hand that point number two, because the song is about 1, 2 and 3, and I need to draw a person pointing 1, 2 and 3.

When I am taking a video, I will photo the picture first, then I will stop, then I write the words, and I will start again.

When you are taking a video, you can stop, then when you start it, will continue the part that you stop. You can walk here, then stop, and go there then start.

I think taking a video is fun, and I like to draw a lot of things plus doing a lot of videos, and there are songs I like.

2018年4月8日 星期日

To plan a trip

Today I planned a trip with my mother and we are planning to go America, and I am planning for New York part, my mom is planning for Boston part.

I am not really planning to New York, I am just write some places that I want to go, and almost every place that I planned is eating ice cream or chocolate.

I planned a lot of parks and some amusement parks, and there will be a lot of places to play some excited games.

In New York, there will be a cow statue, and you can touch it, if you touch its head, you will be very smart, and we will go there.

I think we can go to a lot of ice cream shops, and a lot of chocolate shops, but I think we will just choose one to go to.

In Boston, my mom plans to go to a Science museum, and my mom said we will like it and I am excited to go, too.

When we go to Boston, we can go to a lot of schools, and they are really famous, like we can go to MIT, there will be a lot of good things to look at.

When we go to America, I think the most fun part is sitting on the plane, because when we are on the plane, we can sleep a long time.

When we are on the plane, we can see a lot of movies, too, and we can eat two meals, and I hope the meals are good to eat.

I think when we go to America, everyone will think that is fun, because when I am planning the trip I think it will be fun.

2018年4月7日 星期六

Tik Tok

Today I want to tell everyone about that I downloaded an app called Tik Tok, and through this app, you can see other people's short video (< 15s).

In this app, you can make your own short video, too, and I made two videos now, but there are just 23 likes.

In this app, there are a lot of people singing songs and dancing, and you can learn the dancing or drawing.

There are a lot of people using their drawing to make a song better, you will have the song for the drawing, and I do one of this, too.

Another short movie that I made is that I draw a character in a game, but I don't know how to draw the eyes.

I don't know what I can do for another video, and now I want to draw, but I don't know what can I draw? Where do I found a picture that I draw?

I like to use this app because I can see what are they doing, and I can learn how to dance, I like the drawing part the most.

When you want to draw someone on the video, you can stop and take a photo, then you can draw it perfectly.

You can write a message on this app, but you need to follow the people that you want to talk to, and the people that you want to add, need to follow you, too.

I think this app is really good, if you want to download you can download, and see what is everyone doing then you can have your own video.

2018年4月6日 星期五

我最喜歡的一首歌:Try Everything

我今天要介紹的一首歌是 Try Everything,這首歌是《動物方城市》的主題曲,歌詞的內容反覆的提到,學習新東西時,可能會一直「挫折」,但我們不能放棄,要持續的「嘗試」。例如歌詞提到,鳥也不是天生就會飛,牠們同樣是經過很多次的跌倒,再爬起來、再嘗試的過程,才會知道如何飛得又快又好。

就以我自己學習魔術方塊的經驗來說,一開始我從連一面都做不好,很挫折,於是爸爸建議我嘗試使用 8355 法,雖然進步了一些,但還是沒辦法完全懂。接著,我想起之前問過會轉的同學:「你是用什麼方式,把魔術方塊轉成六面的?」他說是用背公式的方法。於是我就再嘗試上網搜尋「魔術方塊公式」。找到網頁後,我就想起同學是怎麼轉的,經過對照與實際操作,我終於完成了!

不過,之後要轉給爸爸媽媽看的時候,才發現我沒辦法記起那麼多的公式,失敗了幾次。於是,我把所有的公式都印下來,並且做成小卡,在需要的時候看一下,就可以自己完成囉!這個過程,就跟 Try Everything 歌詞裡說得一樣,挫折是正常的,我們只要一直想新的方法克服,不斷嘗試,就會走到想要的終點。


Try Everything 是我最喜歡的一首歌,因為每次當我聽到的時候,我就會想到兔子主角和我自己學習魔術方塊的經驗。每個人學習的時候都會犯錯也會挫折,但只要不放棄,持續的嘗試,用各種方法努力,就一定有機會完成!

2018年4月5日 星期四

Ride my bicycle

Today my Mom, my Dad, my brother, and me went to a park, and we took two bicycles to the park, and my brother and I rode the bicycles.

My brother's bicycle has four wheels, my bicycle has two wheels, and I don't know how to ride the two-wheel bicycle.

I went to the park and ride up bike, because I need to learn how to ride a bicycle, and I still didn't know how to ride a bicycle.

My brother started riding the bicycle, then I wanted to ride, but I don't know how to control it, and I am afraid of falling down.

First I tried to use my legs to move forward, but I still don't know how to feel the bicycle, when I am almost fell, I was scared.

Because my brother just rode two rounds of the park, so my father went to take care of my brother, and my mother taught me how to ride a bicycle.

My mother told me to step two steps, then don't put your feet down, and then you will know how to ride very quick and very good.

After my Mom teaching me, I feel I catch feelings, because I ride the bicycle for one minutes, and I need to thank for my Mom.

When we need to go home, my brother let me ride his bicycle for one round, and he is going to run with the bicycle.

I think riding a bicycle is fun, but I hurt my feet two times, and it is very hurt, but now I feel normal and happy.

2018年4月4日 星期三

Playing kids' game

Yesterday I told everyone about that I played air cushion, and I feel very good, and happy, today I want to tell everyone about that we played another game.

We played orienteering yesterday, and it is fun, I think I am the fastest girl in my class, but boys are faster than me.

My classmates said if you are faster than me, I will give you a cookie, but if you are slower than me, you can't have the cookie.

The last time we played orienteering, I win him, so if I am slower than him, that means I didn't have any cookie.

When I start this game, I run toward the first stop, then I go to the second stop, when I am at the ninth stop, something happened!

I saw my classmate that was before me, and I think she is gonna to be very slow, even slower than me, when I finished, she isn't finished yet.

When I get to the finish stop, my time is 3 minutes and 11 seconds, and he is 3 minutes and 13 seconds, so I can have the cookie!

Almost 2 minutes later, my classmate walked back, and she walked very slowly, I just know she is 6 minutes and more.

When I finished this game, I was very happy, because I asked almost all of my classmates, and they said they are slower than me, but there are still few boys are faster than me.

I think this game is fun, but I wanted to be faster, next time, I think I will be faster than 3 minutes and 11 seconds.

2018年4月3日 星期二

Kids' day party

Today I want to tell everyone about that we have a party for children at my school, because tomorrow is kids' day.

Tomorrow is kids' day, but tomorrow we don't need to go to school, so we play today, we played air cushion, and today is better.

Today we played a lot, and today's air cushion is better than yesterday, because the teachers arranged schedule for every class.

When we are playing air cushion, there are not many people, so we can play happily and safely, so I think today the outside one is better than yesterday.

The one inside, it is hard to slide down yesterday, but today it is very good to slide, and you can slide very quickly.

There is a Snow White air cushion, I can jump very high on it, so I like to play Snow White air cushion, but its slide is very short.

When we finished playing, we are all very happy, and we are going to another game, it is about the mudslide.

The most fun mudslide game is to throw a circle and grip a bottle, if you throw the circle and it grips the farthest one, you will have the highest point.

I make the circle gripped the farthest one three times, and the first time I throw, I got one, and I know where will I throw.

I think today is fun, tomorrow I will tell about the second part of today's kids' party, and it is very fun, and I love it.

2018年4月2日 星期一

Go to play air cushion

Today we went to play the air cushion on the last class of today, because tomorrow we will have a kids' day party.

There are three air cushions, and two inside, one outside, the two inside need to line up, and the outside one don't need.

Because the one outside doesn't need to line up, so that one will be very many people inside, and I can't even go in.

When I want to go in I will fall down, because there are too many people need to go out, there is just one door, and the door is very small.

When it is the time that we need to leave that air cushion, I can't go out, because the one that have stair can go out has too many people.

Then I need to climb the one that don't have stairs, because I always slipped and can't go out, then my classmate told me to take off my socks then you can go out.

When I take off my socks, I grab a web, then I easily climb up the slide, but I need to climb down, and there are two people sitting in front of me.

There are two people sitting in front of me, so I couldn't climb down the stairs, so I quickly told them to jump down the stairs.

Finally, they jump down the stairs, then I need to climb over a lot of sticks, then I fell down because of the stick is too weak.

Then I cannot even stand up, because I don't have anything to grab, and I used my muscles to stand up, then I run to the door.

When I climb out from the door, then I fell again, because the thing that we need to climb down is too weak, when you step on it, it cannot that you to jump or do anything, it will just crash, and you cannot stand very straight.

I think today is not very good, because when I am playing air cushion, I cannot go very deep and slide the slide, and tomorrow I need to go again, so I am sad.

2018年4月1日 星期日

The most _____ in the amusement park

Today I want to tell everyone about I wrote a work sheet today, and it is the homework we got on Friday.

My teacher said "you need to write 3 to 5 chapters, and it need to be about the most what in this field trip, and you need to write about 500 words."

I wrote the most fun, the most boring, the most pitiful, the most exciting and the most scaring, and for each chapter, I wrote about 100 words.

The most fun: I think the most fun facility is the pinball game, because it is easy to get a gift, when it is my turn, and I always get 80 points.

The most boring: I think the most boring game is the Jurassic game, because all the trip is sitting on the boat, and do nothing.

The most pitiful: I think the most pitiful thing is I didn't go to play the water boat game. However, my classmates went to play six time. I also want to play.

The most exciting: I think the most exciting game is Air Hockey, because I played one time with my teammates, first my teammates got 3 points, and I got 0 point, but when I want to win, I got five points and I won.

The most scaring: I think the most scaring part of this field trip was going to sit on the cable car, because the first time our team went to sit on the cable car, and all of us screamed loudly, and my classmate had a video about this.

I think writing this homework is fun, because you can think about the past, think about going to the field trip, what is fun, what is boring.