Jin's blog: London Trip 11 / Going to the Hampton Court Palace WFU

2019年7月7日 星期日

London Trip 11 / Going to the Hampton Court Palace

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Hampton Court Palace and we went to see the Pride Parade.

We needed to take a train to the Hampton Court Palace, and Hampton Court Palace was the home of the Henry the 8th.

I don't really like Henry the 8th, because he has 6 wives, and he killed two of them, and divorced with two of them, too, one of them died when her son was born, and the sixth wife survived after Henry the 8th died.

Henry the 8th and the first wife's daughter is Mary the first, and he and the second wife's daughter is Elizabeth the first, he and the third wife's son is Edward the 6th.

Henry the 8th always wanted a son, so he liked the third wife the most, but the third wife died after Edward the 6th was born.

Henry the 8th saw a beautiful picture about the fourth wife, so he married her, but when he saw her real face, it looks worse than the picture, a few days later, they divorced, but the wife wanted a lot of money, a castle and a palace, or else she won't agree. Of course, Henry the 8th really did that.

Then we went to feed the animals with the bread we bought yesterday, first we fed the crows, but they were scared, so it is hard to feed, then we fed a duck, it is easy to feed, after a while it started chasing us. We also fed some little swans and we also fed some white and big swans.

Then we went to the Pride Parade and stand by watching, but there are a lot of people smoking and the sound they were playing were very loud, also there are a lot of garbage all over the ground.

I think today is a good day, because we learned a lot about Henry the 8th, but I think my head is hurt after smelling the smoke at the Pride Parade.