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2019年8月20日 星期二

The first allergy I ever got

Today I want to tell everyone about I have an allergy yesterday, and getting allergies isn't good because you will feel uncomfortable.

After I ate my dinner, my neck became red, and there are shapes of a mosquito bite, first, I thought that is really a mosquito bite, but there are more and more, so I told Mom and Dad, and Dad said I had an allergy.

I was very nervous, because this is the first time I ever had an allergy, and I don't know what will happen next, so I went to Dad's bedroom and rest.

I felt itchy when I am resting, and I found out that there are a lot of things like mosquito bites on my skin.

Then Dad said getting the thing like mosquito bites are better then not getting it because if you didn't get the thing, it is more dangerous.

When my dad said the allergy will be over in about an hour, I felt really happy, because I thought this allergy will never end.

I felt sleepy, so I decided to sleep, but my body is itchy, so I can't really fall asleep, and I decided to watch videos.

When you don't have an allergy, you will think resting is good, but if you really got an allergy, you want to sleep, even you won't want to do the thing you like to do the most.

After an hour, I am very happy, because the allergy is almost gone, and I learned a lot from Dad yesterday about the allergy.

I think getting allergy is very bad because you will feel uncomfortable, but having an experience like this isn't bad, because the next time you got an allergy, you will know what to do.

I think the reason I get an allergy is because of the thing I ate for dinner, but maybe the reason is something else, so I will try to avoid eating the thing I ate yesterday and eat something more healthy.

I think I will try to avoid the same allergen again, and I will try to eat something healthy to avoid getting allergy again.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Today I want to tell everyone that I read a book called 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', and I think it is very good.

The author is J.K. Rowling, and she wrote 7 books of Harry Potter, and I read two of them already.

The first book is about a person called Harry Potter who survived from a bad guy called Voldemort, and Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter.

After the attack, Voldemort disappeared, some said he is hiding, but some said he is dead, and the story starts.

Harry Potter's parents were killed by Voldemort's dark spell, so he lived at his mother's sister's house.

In the story, there are two kinds of people, one is the people who knew how to use magic, and one is the people who are normal like us called Muggles.

Harry Potter lives with three people, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, and their son, Dudley Dursley.

One day, Harry got a letter, but Uncle Vernon ripped it. When it is Harry's Eleventh Birthday at midnight, someone broke into their house, and he was Hogwarts's gamekeeper, Hagrid.

Hogwarts is a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you can study there for seven years, and you can learn a lot of things.

The new Hogwarts students have to get on platform 9 3/4, which is between platforms 9 and 10 at the King Cross station.

The first-year students will be sorted into four houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

Harry Potter is in Gryffindor, and he met his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, they work and do things together.

They found a dog called Fluffy guarding something, and they think the Dark Arts teacher, Snape is trying to steal the thing.

Quidditch is a magic game, you have to fly with a broom and score points, there are seven players on each team, three scorings, two blocking the attacking balls, one catching a 150 points ball, and one blocking the other team scoring.

On the Quidditch game, Harry first played, he is losing control of his broom, and Hermione saw Snape doing eye contact, and he is speaking some spell, so she set fire on Snape's cloth, and Harry gets on his broom again.

They found out the dog is guarding something called the Philosopher's Stone, they thought Snape wants to kill Harry, and he wanted to steal the Philosopher's Stone, so they tried to stop him.

They sneak to the door, and they opened, there is a dog, but it is asleep, because there is an instrument playing, so they went in the trapdoor under the dog.

There are the traps different teacher made, and they finished them all, but only Harry went in the last door because Hermione went back and get Ron out of the door, so they can call the teachers.

Harry saw a mirror and a person, but it wasn't Snape, it was the Defence Against Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirrell.

Harry figured out that Snape was protecting him, and Professor Quirrell is the person who is really making eye contact, and Snape was helping Harry.

Harry had a fight with Professor Quirrell, and Harry saw Voldemort behind Quirrell's head, then Harry defeated Quirrell, but he fainted, too.

Then the stone was destroyed, and the story ends, I think the story is excellent, if you want to read the books, too, you can buy it.

2019年8月18日 星期日

Robot Walking on the White Line

Today I want to tell everyone that my brother, my dad and I made a robot that can walk on the white line.

Actually, we wrote code for it to walk on the line, so it can't detect the line itself, we wrote the code and tell it to walk.

The first robot we made isn't this one, because the first robot we made can't walk smoothly, so we designed the second robot.

The second robot is the robot in the video, and it can walk smoother than the first one, so when we finished the code, it walked smoothly.

We failed a lot of time, but we changed some code every time, we get better, but some times the robot will go wrong, too.

I think we can use a computer to code next time because a computer got a lot of different codes inside, so you can make the robot do more things with your computer.

2019年8月13日 星期二

Minecraft / Death Run is Hard

Today I want to tell everyone that I played a game called Death Run in a server called The Hive, and I think Death Run is the only good game in The Hive.

Today I decided to go to The Hive, because I didn't go in for a long time, and I decided to play Death Run.

I always wanted to be the Death, because we can activate traps to make the runners run again, but I am the runner.

When I played Death Run today, I suddenly realized everything needs practice, and I didn't practice parkouring, and that is why I always lose.

Then I thought to learn Japanese, Math, Robots, Drawing, and English and also reading books, are all better than learning parkour, so I think I will quit Minecraft someday.

2019年8月12日 星期一

Minecraft / My Enemy is too Strong

Today I want to tell everyone about I played Speed Builders again, but I can't get the first place, and I think a lot of people know how to place the monsters in the correct spot, so they can get a high score.

I wanted to know how to put the animals or the monsters facing where I want them to face, so if anyone knows that, please comment below.

I can't always remember the thing I am going to build, so sometimes, I won't have a good score.

I don't know why someone can build so fast, and I can't get the first place, I wish I can know how to place the animals in the correct position.

I think if I knew some Minecraft things, I could be the first place of the Speed Builders because winning is happy.

2019年8月10日 星期六

Minecraft Education Edition / Playing Survival Mode With a Computer

Today I want to tell everyone that I played Minecraft Education Edition, and I played with a computer, and this is the first time I played with a computer.

I think playing a survival game with a computer is better than an iPad, but playing a server with the iPad is better.

I think some control is hard, but you just have to learn, when you press 'C', you can write some code, and control things.

I want to practice to write code with the computer, and I want to try and make some cool things.

I think using a computer to play Minecraft is a very good idea because you can feel that you are really pressing a button.

2019年8月9日 星期五

Minecraft / Mineplex is the Best

Today I want to tell everyone that I played a server called Mineplex, and there are a lot of games to play.

The games I liked the most is Speed Builders and Master Builders, I also like Dragon, too, and also survival games.

I think the games in Mineplex aren't all very good, but if you don't like this one, you still got other choices.

There is also a server called The Hive, but you don't have a lot of choices, the best game in The Hive is the survival game.

I think Mineplex is always the best server because you can play some easy and good games there, such as Speed Builder.