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2020年3月28日 星期六

2020年3月17日 星期二

My dental surgery story / EP1 / version 2

Today I want to tell everyone that I made a video about my dental surgery story, but this time, it is the version, two!

This time I made the video with Powerpoint, because in the last video, the picture will become bigger and smaller, and I wanted to make it still, so I used Powerpoint, also because the computer's screen is exactly 16: 9.

I think this version is better so the audience can watch this video, and they won't feel troubled if they want to see the words in the picture.

My dental surgery story / EP1

Today I want to tell everyone that I made a video about my dental surgery story, and this is only the first episode because it takes time to draw the pictures of my videos.

I wish you like the video I made, if you like the video please subscribe and share with your friends, I will make the episode 2 before Saturday.

The next video will be after the surgery and what I am eating these days, I can't eat solid food like meat, rice, or vegetables, I can only drink things.

I think doing the surgery isn't bad, it is a good experience, I wish I could make more videos and make everyone know what will happen during the sedation.

2020年3月14日 星期六

I had a dental surgery yesterday

Today I want to tell everyone that I had a dental surgery yesterday because I had a salivary gland cyst (mucocele), so I had to get it off before it grows big again.

I went to a dentist yesterday, and I went to a room with sedation machines and needed objects, I was nervous, but I believe getting it cut off would be better, so I tried to relax and go with the surgery.

I had to put a soft straw (intravenous catheter) inside my body, so they can deliver the medicine into my body to let me sleep, I was afraid to see, so I closed my eyes, then when I woke up, the surgery was finished.

I was surprised that I just slept for an hour, and I didn't even feel how did I fell asleep, this is a good experience because now I know what does it feel like having sedation.

After the surgery and the sedation, I wasn't so wide awake, so I slept on the surgery chair for a while, then I tried to walk outside, and I sat on the chair.

I asked someone to take me to the toilet because I really wanted to urinate after an hour when I was still in surgery, they also deliver water with salt and sugar into my body, so my body wouldn't be too dry.

Then we left the dentist and me and my dad went to an ice cream shop to buy some ice cream because I can only eat soft food or drink liquid things.

I only drank milk, or brown rice milk, or water for 3 meals, so I keep drinking beverages, so I usually want to urinate.

I think doing this surgery is a good experience, so I will try to be healthy while only drinking beverages.

2020年3月10日 星期二

Mobile Legends / Ultimate Wanwan tutorial

Today I want to tell everyone that I made a Wanwan tutorial, and I wish you like it because it took me two hours.

There is a gameplay after the tutorial, if you have already watched the Wanwan Maniac video, you can just skip it, thank you.

If you like to play Wanwan, please comment below, so I can make more videos about her, and please practice hard with Wanwan to improve.

I think playing Wanwan is really really fun, so I now have over 100 matches with her, and I wish I can play more with her.

2020年3月9日 星期一

Building Competition with my brother, I built a bee house!

Today I want to tell everyone that I had a building competition with my brother, and our topic is anything, we used the education edition.

He built a Snorlax, and you can ride on a Mine-cart and slide down to the lava pool, under the lava pool, there is water, and you will be in a maze, when you finished the maze, you have to go back to the entrance and go through the lava then get out.

I built a bee house, and it is a bee shaped house, there are beds, a crafting table, a furnace, and a chest for you to put things, I think the bee I built was really good, except the face.

I think this building competition is good because we both built a really good thing, but if you look and the thumbnail, you can see how the Snorlax looks, and it is really funny.

2020年3月8日 星期日

Minecraft Mixed Arcade with my brother

Today I want to tell everyone that I made a video about playing Minecraft's server, Mineplex. We chose to play the mixed arcade, because we thought it was fun.

Mixed arcade has a lot of game, but mainly three, one is the first game we played in the video, the second is the fighting with the TNT, the third one is parkour and escape from the dragon.

I think they are all fun, but using iPad isn't good at fighting monsters or fighting with people, so I don't really like to play the first game.

I added subtitles myself, and it took me three hours, so please enjoy the video, and subscribe if you like it, please don't give me a thumbs down.

I think this video is good because this is the first time adding subtitles playing Minecraft, so I am very happy.