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2019年3月18日 星期一

Minecraft / The Opposite Strange Stone Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made an opposite machine for the last Strange Stone Machine, and last time, the machine is pushing down, but this is pushing the rocks up.

The machine is very cool, because it can push things up, but it cannot pull the things down every time, so I think it is a little not useful.

I wish I can make the machine that can go down twice, so it would be easier to make door, and the door of every room will be cool.

I am trying to discover a door that can go down twice, and even three times, so I am trying to make a room with all of my doors or something cool.

I think the room I make will be great, and I wish I can discover different kinds of door, and I wish I could succeed.

2019年3月17日 星期日

Minecraft / The Strange Stone Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a very strange stone machine, if you press a button, the piston will push the stone.

At first, I am going to make a two time piston machine, but I don't know how to do, so this machine is the failed machine.

I am very sad at first, but I think that I can make it into an art machine, and the machine can be in different shape, but we can not choose what shape.

It is kind of like a chance machine, the shape is all because of the chance, so it is a mystery machine, I wish it can be useful.

I think this machine isn't very good, because it is just an art machine, and I didn't finish the original plan, so I am sad.

2019年3月15日 星期五

Minecraft / The Basketball Surprise Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a basketball score machine, I think everyone don’t know what it means, so I am going to tell you.

First if you let something go through the line, you can see two snow ball hit the wall, but I make it different in the video.

The second version of the basketball score machine is when you score, it will shoot pigs or sheep out, and if you get both sheep, you win.

It is hard to get both sheep, because there are 8 pigs and 1 sheep in a dispenser, so the chance to get pigs are more than sheeps.

I think this machine is a great machine, because it is good to play, but you might don’t want to play when you realizes that it is hard.

2019年3月14日 星期四

Minecraft / The TNT Sound Maker

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a machine that can make TNT fly very far, but it won't cause any damage of the ground.

The reason why that there is no damage is because the TNT just exploded in the sky, so if you chase the TNT you will see it explodes in the sky.

It is a easy machine to make, you just need water, dispensers, ladder, redstone, redstone repeater, and some TNT, and if you build the machine just like the machine in the video, you will succeed.

You can try to chase the TNT, and you can see the explosion in the sky, and you will know what am I talking about.

I think this machine is a very good machine, because it can shoot TNT, but it won't hurt my Redstone Land, so I am very happy about that.

2019年3月12日 星期二

Minecraft / The TNT Attack Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a TNT exploding machine, and in a area, there is the place that the TNT will fall on.

When you press the button on the machine, the machine will tell the dispenser to dispense a TNT out, and slime block will push the TNT out, so it will land on the ground and explode.

When you press the button, the redstone on the machine will go to the sticky piston, and the piston will push the slime block, but the slime block will still come back.

The redstone is simple, you just need a redstone repeater, a dispenser, some obsidian, a sticky piston, a slime block, some redstones, you can make the machine.

I think this is a very cool machine, but the TNT explode place makes me not able to put a redstone machine there, it is a lot of space.

2019年3月10日 星期日

Invention / The Boat Made With Milk Bottle

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a very good invention, but this invention is the type that doesn't make our life easier.

If you wanna make it, you can use a bottle after you finish a box of milk, and cut it, then you can take some straws, so you can make the bottom.

After all, you can stick it together, but make sure you block the hole of the straw, so the water won't go inside the straw.

Then you can put some plastic things around the straw, so if the boat hits the shore, nothing would happen, and the boat won't crash.

I think this invention is not very good, because it can't make our life better, but it can carry things on the water, so can make life a little easier.

2019年3月9日 星期六

Invention / The Fly Catching Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made a catching fly machine, and I will tell you how to make and how to catch fly.

First, you need a bottle, and cut the lid then you put the lid upside down, and you can try to catch fly, so then, I am going to tell you how.

Then you can put the washing bowl liquid inside, then put it outside, and be sure your window is closed, or the fly may come in.

When you decided to catch fly, you might get more flies, so be careful, remember to keep the window closed, or the flies can get in.

I think today is a very good day, because I made a very good Fly Catching Machine, and it may let your life be easier.