Jin's blog: 八月 2018 WFU

2018年8月31日 星期五

My dreams

Today I want to tell everyone about that I have my own dream, and I am very glad to tell you, so I will tell you all my dreams, and I wish you like it, so I will keep practicing every subject.

First, my first dream is to swim everyday, and I want to learn how to swim all of the swimming move, when I knew it all, I still want to swim everyday, then I can keep practicing.

Second, I want to learn English a lot, then I want to be able to learn 8 hours of English a day, and that means I can go to other school's University, and I want to learn a lot of other things.

Third, I want to have a real Jigglypuff, because if it can really move, I can let it take care of itself, and I don't need to take care of it, and I can play with it, so I really want a real Jigglypuff.

Fourth, I want to learn a lot of subjects, then I want to study in MIT, because the first time I went there to listen to the guide, I wanted to study there, because it is very free, so I want to study there.

Fifth, I want to go to Facebook and work there, and then I want to send the money to my parents, so they would have money to live, and I will be very happy, and that is my last dream.

These are my dreams, and I want to complete it all, because this is all my dream, if they didn't come true, that is not my dream after all, and I really want all of my dream come true.

I wonder if everyone has a dream? If you don't, you will find some soon, and I hope your dreams will all come true, and I wish you can all keep following my blogger, and I wanted to be famous and go to MIT.

If I really admitted in MIT, I want to pay attention on the homework and the classes, and I want to cook, and I want to sleep in the school, and then I will go to Facebook and work, and I will be so happy.

I think my dreams will come true if I study hard, so I must keep reading books, and I must keep writing practice books, and I will complete my dream, and those dreams are not dreams anymore.

2018年8月30日 星期四

Today I have my English class

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to my English school, and have a English class, when I finished the class, I really wanted to sleep, because I am tired today, and I wanted to rest.

When I went home, I was very happy, and I told my family what happened today in my English class, and I was very happy that I returned to my English class, because I wanted to let my English to be very good.

Today we have 6 people in our class, but there are still one people didn't come, because she only came at Monday and Wednesday, and she won't have any quiz, I think that is weird.

We have Language Art for today's class, and one chapter for Language Art has a part that tells you what this chapter is about, and there are three more parts that is the practice part.

I want to have a good score on every quiz, and I want to get every quiz higher than 95, and I want to have 5 quizzes that is 100 points, and I hope I can complete this mission, then my English will be good.

We actually play some small games, like throwing the dice, and see who's bigger or smaller, if someone loses, they need to read the sentence, and I always win, but sometimes I lose.

Then we finished 4 pages of language art, and we are all tired, and I wanted to go home and relax, but I still need to finish this blog, and I can relax when I am done, but I still need a lot of times.

When there are some words that I don't know in the future, I must remember it, so I will know more English words, and I will be able to talk very fast, and I will be able to know what I heard.

My dream is to go to America and study in the University, so I must study fast, and I must read a lot of English books, and I need to learn a lot of subjects, and I want to know all the things.

I think today is a good day, and I wish that I can know a lot of things, and I want to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and study there, then I want to go to Facebook and work there.

2018年8月29日 星期三

Today is the back schooling day

Today I want to tell everyone about that today I needed to return to my elementary school, because I need to take my book back, and today we don't need to have any class, because it is just back schooling day.

When I woke up, it is just 6:00a, because we need to go to the school early, and we have to get our books, and we have to write our names on the books, but today we will leave the school early, too, because we don't have class.

Then I went to school, and I am very excited to go to school, because it has been a while to see them, and I will give them the things that I bought in Japan and America, and I think they like them.

We still need to go to clean the bathroom, because it has been two weeks since we brushed the bathroom, so I think the bathroom will be very dry, because almost no one used it.

The first class is just switching the position, and I sat the third line's first one, because my teacher said that if sometimes I didn't come, she can put her things on my table, and that was funny.

The second class is to get our books, because the reason we came is to prepare the books for the class tomorrow, so we must get all of our books, and we have to write on our names.

When we finished, we can play, and we can talk to our classmates, and we can give our classmates some candies or some cookies that we bought or made, and a lot of classmates brought cookies.

Then we needed to leave the school, and we all were going home, and I was going to eat lunch with my family and my parents' colleagues, and we are going to eat a restaurant called Jerry's House.

I ordered a brunch called the Australian big breakfast, and I think I really like it, and there are scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, sausage and breads, and I all like it except for the mushrooms.

I think today is a very good day, because I went to the school, and everyone said I grew taller then before, and I think the same, too, because I am 139 before, and I am 143 now, so I am very happy.

2018年8月28日 星期二

I didn't go to swim today

Today I want to tell everyone about that I didn't go to swim today, and there are some reasons, so I will tell you all the reasons, and I am very sad that I couldn't go to swim, but we still have time, so it is okay.

When I woke up, Mom told me that Dad's back is very hurt, at the time, I thought that we couldn't go to swim, so I am sad, and I wish that my Dad's back will be better soon, then maybe we could go to swim.

Then I thought that Dad's back is really very hurt, because when Dad is walking, he felt hurt, too, and when Dad is getting on the car, he felt his back is hurt, too, so I think we shouldn't go to swim today.

There is one reason, and let me tell you the rest of them, the second is, tomorrow I and my brother will go to our elementary school, because we need to take our new book back from school.

My Mom said that because we are going to school, so we have to wake up early, so we need to go to bed early today, and when we came home yesterday, it was 10:00, so we can't go to the swimming pool today.

Then I think they are right, so I won't go to swim today, and I am fine with that, let me tell you if I go to the swimming pool today, what will I do, because I think swimming is fun, so I already planned.

If I can go to the swimming pool today, I want to go to the larger swimming pool first, then I want to practice swimming with my Mom, and I want to learn how to swim breaststroke and freestyle.

If I can go to the swimming pool today, the second thing that I wanted to do is to swim in the larger pool, and I want to play with the kickboard, and I want to try to swim 25 meters, I am sure that I could.

If I can go to the swimming pool today, the third thing that I want to do is to go to the children pool, and I will bring a rubber ring, and I think I can ask my parents to throw it further, and I will swim there and bring it back.

I think today isn't a very good day, because I can't go to the swimming pool and swim, so I am very sad, but the reason is my Dad is hurt, so I am not that sad, and I wish that I can go to the swimming pool soon.

2018年8月27日 星期一

Today I went to the gym again

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the gym again, and the gym is called Chaoma Sports Center, and I really like to swim in the swimming pool in Chaoma Sports Center.

Yesterday, we all wanted to wake up early, and we all want to wake up at 6:00, but when we woke up, it is 8:00, and it is time to go to my parents' office, so we just hope at night we can go to swim.

Then we went to my parents' office, and I just start studying, because my Mom said that we need to focus and study, and if we work very hard, we can go to the swimming pool, but if we don't, we can't go.

When it is 4:00p, we started to go home, and wear our swimming suit, and we are going to Chaoma Sport Center's swimming pool, and I am very excited. When we are there, I am very excited, because we are gonna go inside.

Then we all went in, and we are ready to swim, first we went to the children pool first, and me and Mom went to the larger pool, and I am practicing breaststroke, and I can move a bit.

My Mom started helping me practice, and I am very happy, then I realize that breaststroke is very hard, so I want to take a rest, and we started to swim freestyle, I just knew how to kick, but I don't know how to swim freestyle.

Then Mom and I went to the smaller pool, and we think the children pool is smaller, when we went there, Dad said that he played a game with my brother called throwing key, when Dad tossed it into the water, he needed to get it.

All of a sudden, something cool happened, the thing is, I realize that when I am kicking the water, if I just turn around, and that is back floating, and I don't know how to back float before, but I knew it now.

Then it is time to go home, and I want to stay longer, but we really need to go, so we just go to take a shower, then we need to go to McDonald and eat our dinner, when we finish dinner, we will go home.

I think today is the best swimming day ever, and I enjoyed swimming very much, and I want to swim tomorrow, and I hope I could, or I will be very sad, so I will write a lot tomorrow.

2018年8月26日 星期日

Why I like cooking so much?

Today I want to tell everyone about that I really like cooking, and today I will tell you why, and I think you will think it is fun, let me tell you why I love cooking so much, hope you like it.

The first time I cook, it is at a cooking class, and this cooking class will gave us materials, and we will follow the instruction and make some things to eat, then we will eat it for our meal, and we will get a certificate.

I went to the cooking class for a lot of times, sometimes with my friend, sometimes by myself, and I all enjoy very much, and there is something that I remember that I cooked before, and the thing is pizza.

When we finished the cooking class, we will eat the thing that I made together, and sometimes when we are enjoying the thing I made, they will gave us some juice, and we are all happy.

I don't know when did I forget about cooking, and almost 2 years, then when I saw some videos about cooking, I started to think cooking is very fun, and I just started to cut some fruit and start to make some food.

Then I started to find some app that teach us how to make food, and I found an app that is about recipe, and everyone inside will share what they made, and someone will try to make it.

I found some recipe that is about making a bread like a sandwich, and you just need to put some sauce on the bread, then close it, and one sandwich is finished, and I love to make them.

Then after I've made the bread, I wanted to cook more, so I started to learn how to cook Ramen, and now, I really know how to cook some special food, but I still think that the food cooked by my mom are better.

Finally, I knew how to cook eggs, and I think I can make curry omelet rice someday, and I wanted to make fried rice, and I wanted to make a lot of special foods, then I can cook by myself.

I think today is a very good day, because I cooked very much, and I am very happy that I learned how to make omelet, and I am very happy that I could have a Mom that teaches me how to cook.

2018年8月25日 星期六

I went to the swimming pool

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the gym that we went to yesterday, and we went to the swimming pool, and I think today is a very good day, let me tell you what happened today.

When we woke up, it is 10:00, and I made a bread and omelet, but my Mom made a sandwich same as the sandwich that I made it yesterday, but I think the sandwich that Mom made is better.

Then we went to the gym and see if we can go to swim, and we payed 190 dollars to buy our swimming ticket, and I think it is expensive, then we just go inside and swim, first we went to the children pool.

We had fun there, and I am learning how to swim backstroke, but I just know how to float on the water, I am a little bit afraid before, but now, I am not afraid of floating on the water, and I think I will know it soon.

After swimming in the children pool, we went to the normal pool, and it is 120cm deep, when I stand up, I can let my feet reach the bottom of the swimming pool, that means I am taller than before.

Then we went home, and I cooked the dinner, I have some vegetables and some meat, and I also add a omelet, and we all eat the same, and I think this is a very good meal, I like it.

Tomorrow morning, I want to make a bigger omelet than the omelet that I made today, and I will put on bacon and tomato, and I think it will be very good to eat, and I hope I can succeed.

I think I like cooking very much, because I like to cook different things, and I really like to make something special, and the first thing that I make is the bread that we will eat at the morning.

Now, I knew how to make the bread, how to cook noodle, how to make a omelet, how to make onigiri, and how to make a sandwich, and the next thing that I want to try is curry rice, because I really like curry.

I think today is a very good day, because I went to the swimming pool, and I am practicing how to float on the water, and I hope I can learn it quickly, then I can learn the breaststroke.

2018年8月24日 星期五

I really like to swim

Today I want to tell everyone about that I really like to swim, and let me tell you why, and something happened today about swimming pool, and also I will tell you why today is a special day.

First, I want to tell you that why I really like to swim? I really like to swim because my first time in the swimming pool is with my swimming ring, and I think swimming is fun, so I tried to go to the swimming class.

The first time I went to a swimming class is when I am almost grade four, and I am very glad that I can go to a swimming class, because I think the class is very good, and it is just four people.

When the summer vacation is finished, we can't go to swim anymore, so I am very sad, but when I am in school, there is a class called swimming class that is only in grade four, and I am very happy.

I didn't keep practicing my swimming, so I forgot how to swim very well, so I didn't really know how to swim the first time, and I need some times to practice swimming, when we swim lots of times, I know how to swim very well.

Then I am going to tell you something happened today that is about the swimming pool, the thing is, I want to learn swimming, so we went to a gym and see if it is open, but it isn't open, so I think we have no choice.

We think that if this gym opens, we can ask for the swimming class, and we can swim in the swimming pool, because we brought the swimming suit here, and I wish we can swim, but we can't.

I want to tell everyone about that it is a rainy day, and we don't need to go to school or go to work, because the government said that it will rain a lot, so we don't need to work, and go to school.

Today a bad thing happened, the thing is my hand got hurt, because when I am washing the knife, I am hurt by a knife by accident, and when I realize that I am hurt, I quickly stop the blood coming out.

I think today is a very bad day, because we didn't go to the swimming pool and swim, but Mom said that it is good that we didn't go to swim, because she still has lots of work to do, so I think it is just fine.

2018年8月23日 星期四

成語造句練習 10





















2018年8月22日 星期三

成語造句練習 9





訓練有素:這 10 個人都是訓練有素的好軍人。
















2018年8月21日 星期二

成語造句練習 8





















2018年8月20日 星期一












2018年8月19日 星期日

成語造句練習 7



滿載而歸:爸爸從 NOVA 回來滿載而歸,一定花了很多錢。










興高采烈:他因為國語考 100 分,所以興高采烈地跳起舞來。








2018年8月18日 星期六

成語造句練習 6





















2018年8月17日 星期五

成語造句練習 5


童心未泯:他都已經 65 歲了,他還那麼喜歡玩我現在在玩的玩具,真是童心未泯。



















2018年8月15日 星期三


今天我要和大家介紹我今天有寫學習單,而且這份學習單是爸爸出的,這份學習單是在考關於台北 101 的,我今天在辦公室的時候有寫一些,而且我回家裡的時候就寫完了,所以我很開心。



第一題是關於高度的,他有問我多高,台北 101 的高度是幾個你的身高,我的身高是 143,所以要 356 個我才能等於一個台北 101 的高度,還有台北 101 世界最高的時候是在 2004 年到 2010 年,後來就被哈里發塔超過了。


哈里發塔 Burj Khalifa:樓面是 Y 字型,由三個建築部分連貫成一核心體。

世貿中心一號大樓 One World Trade Center:發生 911 事件之後才建造,而且最特別的是他的高度 1776 英尺,而 1776 年是美國簽訂美國獨立宣言的時候,也就是因為他要紀念美國簽了獨立宣言,所以才這樣做。

麥加皇家鐘塔飯店 Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower:世界最高的飯店、世界最高鐘塔、世界最大鐘面、世界最大的樓板面積。

雙峰塔 Petronas Twin Towers:最高的雙棟大樓、大樓表面大量使用不鏽鋼和玻璃。

第三題是要畫一座台北 101,然後要說明結構的概念,而爸爸有提示我們那個答案就在國家地理頻道的影片裡,所以我們就有去看,然後我就完成了那一題,其實我覺得那一題還蠻難的,花了我不少時間。



2018年8月14日 星期二






今天要開始煮的時候,我們就先加一些水,大約加到五分滿,然後我們再開始讓水沸騰,水沸騰之後,我就要先加調理包,然後我們就要用木頭湯匙攪拌一下,接著就要下麵,並且計時三分鐘,這樣麵就會 QQ 的。





我覺得今天很開心,因為我有煮到麵,而且我覺得我今天煮的麵比上次煮的辛拉麵好吃多了,而且這次的不但不會辣,麵也很 Q,所以我覺得這次煮的麵很值得,我下一次還要繼續煮我的麵麵!

2018年8月13日 星期一

成語造句練習 4





















2018年8月12日 星期日



我今天一大早就去做吐司給大家吃,我今天因為用了不同的刀子,所以還不太上手,雖然那隻刀子是非常好切,但是我還是在洗刀子的時候割到了手,所以我就有貼上 OK 蹦,然後我就繼續做吐司了。




接著我們上去之後,我們就和阿公阿嬤分享我們去美國哪個地方最好玩,而我是說當我們去坐 The Beast 的時候,而弟弟是說他最喜歡當導遊帶我們去別的地方,所以我們喜歡美國的點都不一樣啦!


回來之後,我就開始看英文的 Pokemon XYZ 來學英文,這樣我就可以增強我的英語能力了,但是我還是必須要去上英文補習班,這樣我才能增加說英文的機會,英文才可以再加強,我也要努力讀英文書。



2018年8月11日 星期六












2018年8月9日 星期四

成語造句練習 3






















成語造句練習 2




















2018年8月8日 星期三






















2018年8月6日 星期一

I drew a beautiful picture today

Today I want to tell everyone that I drew a beautiful picture today, and I drew a Pokemon picture, and I really like what I drew today.

At the evening, I drew this picture, and if I drew one Pokemon, it takes me about 2 hours to finish, because using a mouse to draw a picture isn't easy at all, so when I finished, it is already the time that we are going home.

First, I drew the word Pokemon, and then I draw a Poke ball under the word Pokemon, and I think the Poke ball is very hard to draw, because I need to draw a circle using a mouse, and I finish the circle about 30 minutes.

Then I drew two Pokemons, I drew Froakie first, because I think this Pokemon is very cute, and this Pokemon is a famous Pokemon, but I took about an hour and 30 minutes to finish this Pokemon, and I think I am very good at drawing.

After drawing Froakie, I want to draw another Pokemon that is famous called Fennekin, because it was very cute, and I really likes it, so I took 2 hours to finish this Pokemon, and I almost finished, so I am very excited.

Then I thought that there is something missing, and I drew a Jigglypuff shadow in the very little place, and I think everyone will see that Jigglypuff, but I still want to let everyone knew that I am Jigglypuff.

I think today is very fun, because I drew a beautiful picture, and I drew the Pokemon that I really like, and I think I can change the banner into this beautiful picture, so my banner can change, and everyone will know that I changed the banner.

I came back to Taiwan!

Today I want to tell everyone about that I flew back to Taiwan today, and I am very tired, when I am writing this blog, I really want to sleep.

First, we went to the JFK Airport, and I think it is huge, then we went inside a place that you can sit and wait to board, when we were there, we walked to some shops, and I saw a lot of cool stuff that Taiwan didn't have.

Then I saw some noodles, and I really want to eat, so me and Mom bought the spicy one, and I think this noodle is really spicy, then my Dad wanted to eat, too, so we order a seaweed noodle, and this noodle is very very good.

When we got on the airplane, I don't want to go on the airplane, because if I want to go to the bathroom, I must flush the toilet carefully, because the sound that the toilet make is very very loud, and your ears will be hurt.

Finally, we are at Taiwan, and I am very tired, because the time in Taiwan is 4 o'clock, and everyone is sleeping, so we just kept waiting for the MRT, and at last, we can get back to where I live, and I am very happy.

When we are at home, we started to play the Lego that we bought in America, and I finished my Statue of Liberty, when I didn't finish yet, I put my Jigglypuff doll on it, so it became the Statue of Jigglypuff.

I think today is a very good day, and I am very happy that my Lego was finished, and I want to play my Mom's Lego next, and I hope she will let me to play her Lego, and I wanted to play Lego for a long time.

2018年8月3日 星期五

Tomorrow is the last day in America

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to High Line and National Museum of the American Indian, and I think the museum was better.

When we woke up, we went to McDonalds to eat our breakfast, and we all ate the Sausage McMuffin with egg, and I think the Sausage McMuffin with egg in America is better than that in Taiwan.

Then we went to High Line, and my brother kept talking about that he thought today has a bad weather, and he wanted to leave this place, then we went to a place that we can sit down, and we bought two iced water to drink.

I think the person that sells the iced water is very smart, because he thinks about how to sell the water, so he just sell one US dollar for each bottle of water, because one US dollar is very cheap for a bottle of water.

Then we went to eat our dinner, and we ate Chipotle, and I don't really like this restaurant, because they just gave little rice, and I don't really like the chicken in the salad, so I really don't like this restaurant at all, and I think we won't go again.

Tomorrow is the last day that we are in America, after tomorrow, we will just fly back to Taiwan, and we can play the Lego that we bought in America, and I am very excited to play the Lego that we bought in America.

I think today is not a very good day, because tomorrow we are going to fly to Taiwan, and I don't want to leave America, but if we stay in America, we won't have enough money, so we have to fly back to Taiwan.

2018年8月2日 星期四

I stayed at hotel today

Today I want to tell everyone about that I didn't go anywhere today except for Bread & Butter, let me tell you what is going on!

When we woke up, it is 12:00, because my Dad will go to a museum by his own, and children can't go, so me, my brother and my Mom will just stay at the hotel, and we will eat dinner with Dad at the hotel, so that's why we are staying at the hotel.

After we woke up, we went to a restaurant called Bread & Butter, and I ordered a vegetable ramen, and we had some fruit, and I love this meal, but I chose a jelly, and I didn't like it, and I am wrong.

Then I watched Netflix, I watched Pokémon XY, and I think the main character Ash is very strong, when there's any situation, he will figure it out and win the battle with his Pokémon together, and I think he is incredible.

My Dad came soon, and we went to the restaurant in the hotel called Marta, and I think the pizza in this restaurant is very good to eat, and I think this is the best pizza that I've ever eaten before, it is really good.

When we finished our dinner, we are all really full, and I think everyone loves this meal, but if it is very good to eat, it is expensive, too, and we will go back to Taiwan very soon, and I am sad.

I think today is a good day, because the two restaurants that I ate are my favorite restaurants, too, and I am very sad about I am going back to Taiwan, because I have a lot of fun in America, so I don't want to leave so soon.

2018年8月1日 星期三

A hot day in Columbia University

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Columbia University, and we listened to a tour guide talking about Columbia University.

When we woke up, we went to the Columbia University, and I think the Columbia University is so big, and we needed to walk fast to listen to the tour, and at that time, it is very hot outside, even standing in a building, I sweat a lot, too.

Then we listened to a tour guide called Sammy talking, and it is very hot, and I finished my water in about 5 minutes, when I finished listening to the tour, I want to go in a place that has air conditioner inside.

After finishing listening to the tour, we went to eat a restaurant that my brother wanted to eat, the restaurant is called Chipotle, but I don't really want to eat that restaurant, but that is my brother's choice, so I ate that restaurant.

Then we went to a market, inside the market, it is very cold, and we are all cold, at last, we bought some fruits, a cup of soup, and a cookie & cream flavored ice cream, and I love that soup, because it is a vegetable soup.

After we went to the market, we found a seat and eat what we bought, we took out the cup of soup, and the cookie & cream flavored ice cream, and we finished them all, and we are all full, then we took a bus to hotel.

I think today is a very good day, because I went to the market and bought what fruit I want to eat, and I think the peaches are the best, and now in the hotel, there is still a peach left, that means we bought more than one peaches.