Jin's blog: 六月 2019 WFU

2019年6月30日 星期日

London Trip 4 / Going to the Wellcome Collection

Today I want to tell everyone that I went to the Wellcome Collection, and I think it is very good, there are magic videos, and some cool things.

After we woke up, and ate our breakfast, we went to wash our clothes, and walked for a long time, we were all very tired.

When we were going to the laundry, I used my phone to lead everyone to the Underground and go to the store.

When we were at the laundry, we found out we needed to wait 30 minutes for the washing part to be finished, then we need to go again and let the machine start drying the clothes.

We decided to go to see platform 9 3/4 first, because we were near there, I don't want to line up to take a picture, so I just took a picture next to the platform.

Then we went to Five Guys to eat our lunch, and I ordered a hamburger, and added lettuces, tomatoes and mushrooms.

At Five Guys, we ordered a drink too, they gave us a cup, and we can choose the drink we want to drink at a machine, you can refill it anytime.

Dad went to the laundry, and let the machine start drying the clothes, when Dad went back, we filled the cup with Cola for him.

Then we went to Wellcome Collection, there are different rooms of different things, and the first is the magic room.

I really liked that room, because I am interested in magics, there are a lot of videos, and some are telling you the tricks they used.

There are a lot of things about medicine, and some are scary, but if you want to be a doctor, you have to see these kinds of things.

I think today is a very good day, because the magic room at the Wellcome Collection is very good, and we ate Five Guys today.

2019年6月29日 星期六

London Trip 3 / Going to the Imperial War Museum

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the Imperial War Museum today, and we saw a lot of things.

I dreamed about someone is fighting with my mom, and I am in the middle, when I woke up, I am really in the middle of the bed.

I am sweating when I woke up, and I found out Jigglypuff is stinky because of the sweat, so I put Jigglypuff in the blanket, because the blanket isn't stinky.

When we woke up, we went to the Imperial War Museum, and we went to eat the small restaurant beside the museum for lunch.

I ordered a chicken curry rice, and I think it is awesome, but my dad doesn't think it's good, so I think maybe I am too hungry.

We visited the museum, and there are different videos and pictures about the World War One and the other wars.

When we were taking a photo with a bullet, and we were making strange poses, then my brother is doing a strange pose that can't make him stand, so after a while he fell down, and my dad took a picture of it.

There are different kinds of weapons, like bombs and guns, there are even poison gas, those weapons are really scary, and the guns are very heavy.

During World War One, there are a lot of trench wars, but trench wars are boring, and you don't want to get out of the trench, so you can't live for a long time.

When we finished visiting the museum, we went to eat dinner, and we ate inside a restaurant called Westminster Kitchen, but I don't think it's good.

I think today is a really good day, because there are a lot of good things happening, and we learned a lot of things about war.

2019年6月28日 星期五

London Trip 2 / Going to London Eye and Sea Life

Today I want to tell everyone about that we went to London Eye and Sea Life, London Eye is a Ferris wheel, Sea Life is an aquarium.

We woke up at 10 o'clock today, because we went to bed at 12 o'clock last night, and we were all very tired, so we slept for a long time.

First we went to Sea Life, and we saw a lot of fishes and different kinds of underwater creatures, my favorite part is the penguins.

In Sea Life, there is also a jungle part, and there are frogs and some insects, there is also a snake, and there are a lot of ants and cockroaches.

My favorite part in Sea Life is the penguin part, there are real penguins, I know they likes to eat fishes, and I used a thin paper to make them think the thing I am holding is a fish, then when I put the paper in front of them, they wanted to eat it, so they will open their mouth.

Then we went to eat our lunch, we ate some chickens, and the shop is called Shippo, and Shippo is a character in Inuyasha.

I think the crispy chicken is delicious, so I bought the second one, everyone was happy to eat some delicious crispy chicken.

Then we went to London Eye, but the line is very long, I thought it would take a long time, but the time we took is shorter than I thought.

The view on London Eye is very beautiful, and I saw the Big Ben is fixing, and there are some sticks around Big Ben, so we can't take a photo of the original Big Ben.

When we got down of the London Eye, we went looking around, and we ate our dinner, and we also bought some things in a grocery shop.

I think today is a good day, because I am trying to let the penguin think I am holding a fish, and it really works, so I am very happy.

2019年6月27日 星期四

London Trip 1 / Going to London

Today I want to tell everyone about that we went to London, and we took a long flight to London, I was very excited.

We woke up at 2 o'clock today, and we went to the airport, and we ate breakfast, the breakfast I ate was very delicious.

We need to took a 3-hour flight to Bangkok, then we transferred to another plane, and took a 12-hour flight to London.

When I was on the first plane, I watched a movie and ate a meal, then we arrived at Bangkok, I am a little nervous because this is the first time I came to Bangkok.

Then we needed to board the plane to London, when we were flying, I felt that 12 hours is like a day, and I can't believe I just woke up at 2 o'clock today.

I watched about 5 movies during the flight, and I took about an hour to eat a meal, I played some games with the computer, too.

The thing that I am afraid of during the flight is to go to the bathroom, because the sound of toilet flushing is very loud.

Sometimes when I was watching a movie, I thought I was in our house, sitting on a couch and watching TV, but I was not.

I am always wishing for arriving at London, because I wanted to go to the London Eye, and the Aquarium tomorrow.

Even though I know the time will always come, but I still wanted to go to the London Eye, and the Aquarium faster, so we need to sleep early.

I think when it is tomorrow, we will all wake up and go to the Aquarium together, and my brother and I will both be happy.

I think today is not a fun day, because we took a 12-hour flight, and I just go to the bathroom 2 times, and I wish I won't be afraid of the sound of toilet flushing.

2019年6月25日 星期二

Minecraft / 10 Years Free Map

Today I want to tell everyone about that I downloaded a free map, and the map is celebrating Minecraft's 10 years old birthday.

When I first went in, you need to take a train to a room, while you are taking the train, you will see the updates.

When you arrived at the room, you need to enter a 6 digit number, and you will get a book with the codes, so you can pass the door.

After you pass the door, you can go to challenge different things, there are a lot more questions than you think.

I think this map is very good, because there are different places for you to discover, and wish like the new map.

Minecraft / Free Map

Today I want to tell everyone about that I downloaded a free map, and I played it today, I think it is fun.

There are four levels, you need to complete one to unlock the other one, and the first level is the iron map.

First, you need to dig down and find the button, if you find the button, you need to shoot minecarts.

There are minecarts everywhere, so you need to shoot them all down, then you need to build the same painting, if you complete it, you unlocked the gold level.

I think this free map is very good, because you can try to parkour, remember things, and even practice fighting.

2019年6月23日 星期日

Shell Shockers / Almost enough money to buy a hat

Today I want to tell everyone about that I got almost enough money to buy a hat, and I am very happy.

I don't play this game much, so I kept these money for a long time, and I finally got almost enough money for a hat.

I think I am very lucky when I played today, because it is my favorite map, shipyard, so I think I am very lucky at playing Shell Shockers.

In this video, I got 3410 golden eggs, but I think when it is the next video, I will probably wearing the bear hat I bought.

I think this video is very good, because I can almost buy a bear hat, and I got a lot of kills during this video.

2019年6月22日 星期六






接著我們就拿出 UNO 來玩,因為我們覺得撲克牌很無聊,我的同學很開心可以玩 UNO,因為有柯南的圖案。

玩了幾局之後我就開始玩 PS4,然後弟弟和同學就開始玩 Minecraft,但是後來因為卡關了,所以就開始玩大富翁。


我在玩的時候,我覺得我很不幸運,因為我連續四次領不到繞一圈的過路費,我也有走到要付銀行 1000 塊,和休息一次的格子,所以我覺得我很不幸運。




2019年6月21日 星期五













2019年6月20日 星期四


今天要和大家介紹我做的迴力鏢實驗,首先我要先和大家介紹如何做一個紙的回力鏢,用半張 A4 紙也可以做出來。











2019年6月19日 星期三

Shell Shockers / The KDR Increased

Today I want to tell everyone about I played Shell Shockers and my KDR increased a little bit, and I am happy, and I have a new streak, too.

When the video started, my streak is 10, because we were playing before recording the video, and we both got the new streak.

Now I have about 3200 golden eggs, and I need 3500 golden eggs to get a new hat, so I want to keep a lot of golden eggs.

This time we played in different maps, and I got 3200 golden eggs when the video ends, so I am really happy.

I think this video is very good, because I got 3200 golden eggs, and we just need 300 more to get a hat.

2019年6月18日 星期二




月球離我們到底有多遠,有三億個小學生頭和腳接起來那麼遠,就算我們要很快速地到達月球,有高鐵可以坐,也要 55 天才可以到達。




火箭有三節,第一節燃料可以讓火箭飛到離地球 60 公里遠的地方,接著就要藉著第二節燃料把火箭提升到 186 公里,第三節火箭可以讓整個火箭飛到月球。






2019年6月17日 星期一















2019年6月16日 星期日

Shell Shockers / Shipyard

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played Shell Shockers today, and the map I played today is my favorite map called Shipyard.

There are a lot of boxes in the map, so it is easy to hide, and there is a house, you can climb up to the roof, then shoot people from up there.

The gun I liked to play in the map is a crackshot, because you can hide behind the box and shoot the other eggs.

There is a secret place in the map, you can go underground the climb up at the exit, then you can shoot eggs there, and not everyone knows about that secret place.

I think this map is the best, there is also a map that I like, but this map is still the best, wish everyone can share your favorite map.

2019年6月15日 星期六

Minecraft / Hide and Seek and Death Run

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played Minecraft, and I played with my brother, we played Hide and Seek and Death Run.

I am really happy to play Minecraft, because it's been a while since I played and filmed a Minecraft video.

When we are playing Hide and Seek, I was always a bookshelf. When we are playing the first game, at the last 4 seconds, a seeker found me, but I ran out, so I won.

Then we played Death Run, when we are in the game, I am the death, my mission is to trap people, but I won't get anything.

I think this video contains a lot of fun parts, like running away from the seekers, and being a death.

2019年6月14日 星期五














2019年6月13日 星期四












2019年6月11日 星期二

Shell Shockers / Playing in the Desert Map

Today I want to tell everyone that I played Shell Shockers today, and I played in the desert map.

My favorite gun in the desert map is a whipper or a crackshot, if you use a whipper, it is good to run toward the enemy and kill it, if you use a crackshot, you can stand very far, and kill the eggs.

There is an egg playing an eggsploder, and it is very strong, I think that it knows the bullet of an eggsploder is slow, so it will shoot the place that it thought you are going to, so be careful!

I think this game is very good, because you can change your skin and you can change your gun, too.

2019年6月10日 星期一

Jigglypuff's story / Episode 5: Hot Pot!

"We are going to a hot pot restaurant today!" said Jigglypuff. "I am so excited about it," "I am excited, too," said Jin.

(Suddenly, it starts to rain.)

"The rain is still small, so let's go!" said Jin. "Okay, I think you are right, but I will still take an umbrella with me," said Jigglypuff.

"Oh, the rain has become heavier and heavier," said Jigglypuff. "Let's walk faster," said Jin. "We need to get to the restaurant quickly,"

"Ah, my socks and my shoes are all wet," said Jin. "I give up walking carefully," said Jigglypuff. "I don't care if my socks get wet or not, because they are already wet now,"

"There are puddles everywhere on the ground," said Jin. "The puddles made my socks wet," "I think I will give up walking carefully, too," said Jin.

(At the hot pot restaurant)

"Let's go to find a seat," said Jigglypuff. "Oh, here is a seat," "Wow, we can take everything we want, but we need to pay the money for everything first," said Jin.

"I guess we need to order a hot soup first," said Jin. "I would like the original soup, please," "I would like the original soup, too," said Jigglypuff.

"I will watch your bags for you, you can go and get your food first," said Jin. "Okay, thank you, I will take some vegetables and pork," said Jigglypuff.

"Here are your soups," said the waiter. "Wow, thank you," said Jin. "Jin, it's your turn to get the food." said Jigglypuff.

(After Jin gets her food)

"I chose the cabbage and the pork, too," said Jin. "I also got some tofu," "Let's cook, when we finished this plate, let's get some desert," said Jigglypuff.

(When they finished the plate.)

"I got a bowl of noodles," said Jin. "I will try them and see if it is good or not," "If it is good, I want to try it, too," said Jigglypuff.

"Wow, it is very delicious," said Jin. "There are a lot of people lining up at the noodle cooking shop, so I suggest you to cook by yourself," "Okay," said Jigglypuff.

(After enjoying the meal.)

"Let's go back, the rain is getting smaller and smaller," said Jin. "I am full, too," said Jigglypuff. "Let's go back!"

-The End-

I wish you like my story, if you like to eat hot pot, you can go to a hot pot restaurant, too, it would be a great idea.

2019年6月9日 星期日

Line Rangers / Game Introduction

Today I want to tell everyone about the game I played recently, and the game is called Line Rangers.

In this game, you need to control the heroes and go fight the bad guy that kidnapped Sally, and this is the main stage.

There is a mode called PVP, you can fight with the others and get trophies, so you can level up your PVP rank.

In the end of the season, you can get some gems, the higher rank you are, the more gems you will get.

You can go gotcha, too, there are different kinds of gotcha, you can get some heroes when you go gotcha, and sometimes Line Rangers will work with some famous characters, and you might get them, too.

There is a mode called Infinity Tower, you need to save Sally in the tower, and there are 50 stage you need to complete, if you complete one level, you can get some coins or some boxes.

There is also a mode called Special Stage, and there are some stages, too, when you complete a stage, you can press a button to let the computer pick a special item, the special item can sometimes be a hero or an evolution item.

You can evolve a hero when it is in max level, and it has all the evolution item it needs, you can evolve the hero, but the hero after evolution will be level one.

You can also join a team, and you can fight in the team fighting stage, there are different protectors of the stage, and you need to defeat them in order to get some really good weapons.

There is a tower, and you can make evolution items, train the heroes, and even get materials from the heroes.

You need to have enough materials to make evolution items, so you can get materials from a hero, but the hero will be gone. If the hero is stronger, the more materials you will get.

I think the game introduction is good, maybe you should try this game, too, and maybe the characters that Line Rangers work with is the characters you knew!

2019年6月8日 星期六

Netflix / Good Sam: Movie Introduction

Today I want to tell everyone about that I watched a movie on Netflix today, and the movie is called "Good Sam", and I want to share with everyone.

The main character is a news reporter, and she likes to report things like fire burning the house or something.

There is a case that the boss wants she and her partner to do, there is a woman that found a bag of money, and the woman said that she really needs the money.

Then there is a doctor that received the bag of money, and there are four people that received the bag of money.

After a few days, there are four more people that received the bag of money, and there is a few person said that they are the good sam, but they are actually not.

There is a person messaged the main character, and said that he is the good sam, and he can prove it because he gave a bag of money to another family.

The main character believes that he is the good sam, and he had an interview with him, but after a while, the main character figured out that he is no the good sam, and he gave the last four family, but not the first four.

There is a fire fighter that goes sail with his brother before, but his brother died, and he thinks he disappointed him, because he also gets four hundred thousand from his friend, and he thinks he can't keep it.

He decided to give four people that helps his friend each one hundred thousand dollars.

Before, we talked about that there is a man said that he is the good sam, he wanted to be famous, so he decided to give out four hundred thousand, too.

I think this movie is good, but I thought it can be better if the case is harder to solve, so I can train my brain while I am watching.

2019年6月7日 星期五

"Monster House" Movie introduction

Today I want to tell everyone about that I watched a movie called Monster House, because today is Dragon Boat Festival, and we have a day off.

When I was sleeping, my brother woke me up, I guess it was because we have a day off today, and he is very happy.

Last weekend, we watched "Captain Marvel"and we wanted to watch a movie that Dad bought a long time before, and the movie is called "Monster House".

The movie started with a girl driving a tricycle, then her tricycle stuck in the grass, suddenly a old man came out, and scared the girl away.

Then the main character, DJ's friend, Chowder came, and he brought a new basketball, but the basketball rolled to the old man's lawn.

DJ tried to get the ball, but the old man came and grabbed him, suddenly the old man broke his bone, so he was transported to the hospital by an ambulance.

The children thought the house is safe now, so they went in front of the door, but the house just changed into a monster, and it wanted to eat them.

When there was another girl walking into the old man's house, they went to stop her, and they grab her from falling into the houses mouth.

The girl and two boys became friends, and they went in the house to see what's inside, and they saw a lot of toys from the children on the lawn.

They also saw something like a jail, and they saw the old man's wife been buried by cement, suddenly, the house started moving and they ran out.

When they went out, they saw the old man coming, the old man wants to talk to the house, because he know that her wife is controlling the house.

Then DJ stopped the old man from walking in, then the house just started walking, and chasing the children.

The old man gave DJ a dynamite, and wanted him to throw in the chimney, so the house will just explode.

At last, DJ succeed, and they are giving back the toys to the children, and everyone was happy, the movie ended.

I think the movie is good, but the drawing isn't very good, so I think this movie is good but I will never watch it again.

2019年6月6日 星期四

Jigglypuff story 3 / Episode 3: Shell Shockers

"Do you know any good shooting games?" said Jigglypuff. "I can't find any," "I suggest you to play a game called Shell Shockers!" said Jin.

"What's that?" said Jigglypuff. "I never heard that before!" "It's a game that you can choose your gun and shoot other eggs." said Jin.

"Is it an app?" said Jigglypuff. "No, it's a game on a website, and you can play it for free," said Jin.

"How am I suppose to shoot out the bullet?" said Jigglypuff. "Press the left on the mouse!" said Jin.

"Well, there are still a lot of things I don't know," said Jigglypuff. "Can you tell me all?" "Okay, but please listen well," said Jin.

(After introducing)

"I think my head is going to explode, this game is too hard!" said Jigglypuff. "You just need to practice more," said Jin.

"Maybe I will show you how to play first," said Jin. "That sounds like a great idea," said Jigglypuff. "Wow, you are really strong!"

"Will this game ever end?" said Jigglypuff. "No, but there are different kinds of maps, and different person playing," Jin.

"What gun go you usually use," said Jigglypuff. "I like to use a free ranger," said Jin. "You can target someone with a free ranger,"

"I like to use a soldier," said Jigglypuff. "Well, I can't understand you," said Jin. "Maybe you should play free ranger one time,"

(When Jin and Jigglypuff play together, they are in the different teams)

"What!" said Jigglypuff, "Jin defeated me," "It's easy to defeat you because you always stay in one spot," said Jin.

"It's not fair that you have a longer range," said Jigglypuff. "You can use a free ranger, too," said Jin.

-The End-

If you like my story, you can go play Shell Shocker, and you can share your thoughts, too, you can go and comment.

2019年6月5日 星期三

Shell Shocker / Game Introduction

Today I want to tell everyone about a game, and it is called Shell Shockers, when I was in English class, we are talking about the games we like, and everyone except me likes to play Shell Shockers.

I don't know Shell Shockers at first, so I went home and searched for it, and I found it, when I first try it, I think it is fun, so I want to share it with everyone.

First, you are an egg in this game, and you can choose different kinds of guns to defeat other eggs, there are long range and short range guns, and there are different kinds of gun information on the main page.

There are some keys to press to move:

  • Press 'W' to move forward
  • Press 'A' to move left
  • Press 'S' to move backwards
  • Press 'D' to move right
  • Press 'Space' to jump
  • Press 'Q' to throw a bomb
  • Press 'E' to change your weapon to a pistol
  • Press 'R' to reload your bullet
  • Press 'Shift' to target the other eggs
  • Use a mouse to control the direction

I have some tips for everyone, you need to use five fingers on the keyboard and a hand holding a mouse.

Put your thumb on the 'Space', put your index finger on 'R', put your middle finger on 'W', put your ring finger on 'Q', put your pinky on 'Shift'.

If you saw an egg targeting you, you can press 'Space' to jump, so the enemy won't be so easy to shoot you.

I think a gun called Free Ranger is good, because you have many bullets, and you can target some eggs in a far place, but Free Ranger isn't good at shooting the eggs that are close to you.

If you want to protect yourself from a close enemy and you want to target far, you can use a soldier, but the damage is lower.

I think everyone can go play this game, because I think this game is simple and easy, and you can always survive.

2019年6月4日 星期二

Jigglypuff Riddles 1

  1. There is a red house, blue house and a white house, the red house is at the right of the left house, where is the white house? A: At America!
  2. What seven letter word can be spelled forward and backward, and the words are the same? A: Racecar!
  3. When does April come before January? A: In the dictionary!
  4. What belongs to you, but other people used more than you? A: Your name.
  5. You have a candle, and a fireplace, but you only have a match, what thing should you light first? A: The match.
  6. You give me food and I live, you give me drink and I die, what am I? A: Fire!
  7. What is more useful when it's broken? A: An egg!
  8. Jim went out when it was raining, his shirt got wet, but not a single hair get wet, how is this possible? A: He's bald!
  9. What has six faces, and twenty-one eyes, but cannot see? A: A dice!
  10. Two fathers and two sons went fishing, and they only caught three fish, but one of the father said it is enough for all of us, why? A: There is a grandfather, a father, and a son!
  11. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain? A: Mount Everest!
  12. There was a dead orange butterfly on the spider web, its leg was caught on the spider web, should it wiggle its leg or shake its wing? A: Neither, the butterfly is already dead.
  13. How can you spell candy in 2 letters? A: C and D!
  14. Poor people have it, if you eat it you will die, what is it? A: Nothing!
  15. What goes up but never comes down? A: Age.
  16. What is black and white and red all over it? A: Newspaper.
  17. I am full of holes but I can still hold water, what am I? A: A sponge!
  18. A man wants to enter a club, but he doesn't know the password, he waited by the door and listened, the boss said twelve and the first man said six, he passed, the boss said six, and the second man said three. The man thought he was well prepared, the boss said ten, what will he say? A: Three, because three letters in ten!

I wish everyone likes my riddles, and wish everyone likes my story, too. If you like my riddles, please share your thoughts!

2019年6月3日 星期一

6 / 10 ~ 6 / 14 下午六點到十點有重要任務!

今天我要和大家說一件非常重要的任務,在 6 / 10 ~ 6 / 14 下午六點到十點,是民調,會打電話到家裡的市話和手機,只要接到電話的人,拜託請記住這一句話「有沒有英都投英」,意思就是不管選項是什麼,就投蔡英文。

大家也可以去加入 @iing,可以看到最新的資訊,也可以有自己獨特的 VIP 帳號,可以看看你的等級,還有你的辣度,大家也可以追蹤一個 Line@ 叫做陪你看國際新聞,在這裡可以讓你看到世界各國和台灣有關的新聞。

大家應該都知道韓國瑜市長最近想要選總統,但是大家必須看清楚蔡英文總統的政績有多麼的好,蔡英文總統在半年內讓台商回台投資 3500 億,而且蔡英文總統讓台灣的失業率大幅減低,也讓農產品外銷,創了二十年新高。

蔡英文總統也讓年金改革,讓年金不會破產,但是韓國瑜市長說他要把年金改回來,讓我們每個人每年要多繳給政府 3400 元。蔡英文總統也推出了減稅方案,把稅都退還給我們,但是韓國瑜市長是想要讓我們把錢繳給他。

大家可能不知道,在市議員詢問韓國瑜市長關於登革熱的高峰期時,韓國瑜竟然答不出來,說是現在,但是其實是在 10 和 11 月,可見韓國瑜市長只關心自己選總統。





2019年6月2日 星期日














2019年6月1日 星期六

Jigglypuff's Story / Episode 3: The Drumstick

"Jin, I want to sell drumsticks!" said Jigglypuff. "Okay, I will help you rent a street vendor," said Jin. "You need to give me half of your income."

"I rent a street vendor on Jigglypuff Road," said Jin. "The street vendor is next to the Jigglypuff restaurant." "Thank you," said Jigglypuff.

"Let's go to the street vendor you rent," said Jigglypuff. "Okay, I will drive you there," said Jin. "Let's buy some cooking tools on the road," said Jin.

(Jin is driving the car.)

"What name is you going to give to the new shop?" said Jin. "I think I will just name it Jigglypuff Drumstick." said Jigglypuff.

(At the supermarket)

"I think we need to buy a pan, a spatula, some drumsticks, and a bottle of soy sauce," said Jin. "I will find them all!" said Jigglypuff.

"Oh, we need some oil, too," said Jigglypuff. "We have some supermarket points to exchange a bottle of oil!" said Jin.

"Let's go to pay for the things!" said Jigglypuff. "It's five hundred dollars in total," said the cashier. "Okay, here you go," said Jin.

"Now we got all the things for the Jigglypuff Drumstick," said Jigglypuff. "I am excited for setting up the street vendor."

(At Jigglypuff Drumstick)

"Let's work hard and set the street vendor up," said Jin. "Okay, I will decorate the shop, and you help me to set up those cooking tools." said Jin. "I will do my best to set the cooking tools up."

"It's almost night, let's go home and chat for a while," said Jin. "Maybe we can play some games, too."

(At home)

"I will ask you some questions," said Jin. "Okay," said Jigglypuff. "There was a plane crash, every single person died, who survived?" said Jin.

"That is very hard!" said Jigglypuff. "I give up, what's the answer?" "The answer is someone who is not single!" said Jin. "That's really funny!" said Jigglypuff.

-The End-

I think the riddle is really funny, I wish everyone likes the story, I will write a funny story tomorrow, it's Episode 4.