Jin's blog: 一月 2019 WFU

2019年1月31日 星期四

LEGOLand: Time control is very important.

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to LEGOLand today, and I learned a lot, like time control is very important.

We woke up at 7 o'clock, and we are all very happy, and I woke up earlier, but I go to sleep again, and I woke up again, so we went to eat breakfast.

The breakfast is buffet, and it is very good, I ate scrambled eggs, potatoes, chocolate bread, tomatoes, corns, and some other fruits.

The restaurant that we ate for breakfast today is a very good restaurant, because its fish doesn't have any fishbone in it, so it is very safe.

Then we went downstairs, and we played LEGO that is in a area, and there is a wall that we needed to fill it up, so we just played there.

Then, LEGOLand opened, and we went in, we played a firefighter game, and it is very good, then we went to play driving cars.

After driving cars, we went to a place, and my Dad said that it is just visiting a house, when the train went half the way, we saw it is actually a ROLLER COASTER, and we are all scared.

We saw a place that you need to build a boat, and if the boat that you made didn't fall over, you won, and it is very good, so we spent a lot of time there.

When LEGOLand is about to close, I am very sad, because I thought that I wasted too much time at the making boat place, so there is still some more I didn't play.

I learned that time control is very important, because if you didn't control very well, you might missed something.

I wish tomorrow I can go in and play the things that I didn't play today, and I will be very happy, there is also an Aquarium beside LEGOLand.

I wish tomorrow I can go in the Aquarium for an hour, and then we can go to play the things that we didn't play today.

I think today is not a very good day, because I learned time control is very important, but I still didn't play a lot of things, so I am a little bit sad.

2019年1月30日 星期三

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park: Japan developed their own cutting edge train technology

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, and I really like it, and I learned about that Japanese people spend a lot of effort improving their trains.

We woke up at 9 o'clock, and we checked out at the JR gate hotel, and I am very sad, because it is a good hotel, but the next hotel is LEGOLand hotel, so it is still very good.

We went to take a subway line called Aonami line, and this is the first time that I took this line, and I slept for a while, and we are there.

We saw the LEGOLand hotel first, and the hotel isn't very far from the station, so we went there, but we ate lunch first, and the kid's curry is very good.

Next we went to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, and it is a museum, but it's name is SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, so I think it is a little bit strange.

SC stands for Superconductive. MAG means Magnetic. And LEV stands for levitation.

I learned about that Japan's first two trains are from America and Britain, but than they have there own trains, but it is all made by wood.

If trains are made of wood, it is easy to burn and when it cracks with the other car, it will break very easily, and the people inside might get hurt, also when it is running high speed, it might crack, so they changed to metal, and it is safer.

Then the speed increases, and all the train that they made are all improving, and I am afraid that someday, the trains speed will be higher than the sound.

Now there are some trains that is moving by magnets, because when you put two same magnet pole together, you the train will move, and you need to keep changing the pole.

I think the trains that are moving by magnets are all very cool, because it is a very interesting thing to learn, and I wish I can make a small magnetic train by myself.

When we finished visiting the museum, we went to our hotel, and we saw our room, our kids room has a bunk bed, and adults bed is not bunk bed.

In the kids room, there is a sign that wrote 'Adults Keep Out', and it is very funny, because the pirates want to defeat kids first.

In the other floor, there are different topics, and our topic is pirate, and I saw all the floor's topic, and I think our pirate is the best.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned that things will always improve, and we went to LEGOLand hotel today, so I am very happy.

2019年1月29日 星期二

Nagoya restaurant guide: Expensive restaurants are not necessarily good for kids.

Today I want to tell everyone about that I learned about that expensive restaurant aren't necessarily good for kids, and I am going to tell everyone about the scores I gave to all restaurants I ate before, and hope it is useful to you.

There are 14 restaurants that I am going to talk about, and I will start with the lowest ranking, and my top score is 10, and you don't need to really believe this, this is just what I think.

  1. Cat's Cafe ( In front of Nagoya City Aquarium ): ⭐️⭐️ I think it isn't very good, because their omelet rice doesn't have any flavor, and their curry tastes bad, and I don't want to go again.
  2. 味仙 ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️ It is very spicy, and the vegetable isn't very good, because it tastes strange, but it is better than the first one.
  3. 蓬萊軒 ( In Matsuzakaya ):⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is about selling grilled eel over rice, and I don't like to eat eel, so I don't really recommend this restaurant.
  4. ミード矢澤 ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It isn't very bad, but I think the meat is the same flavor as normal meat.
  5. Museum Cafe ( In Toyota Museum ):⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is selling curry, and it is very spicy, and it doesn't have meat, and it is too spicy for me.
  6. 三代目 ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is selling omelet rice, and its omelet rice is better than Cats Cafe, but it is still not very good.
  7. Barbara Good Beer ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, but I don't really like Italian food, so I don't really like this restaurant.
  8. Cattleya ( In Matsuzakaya ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, because it's pork and rice is very good, and I really like it.
  9. 中華料理 東山 ( Beside Meiekiminamiten Coin Laundry ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, but its environment can be improved, so I don't really like it.
  10. 松屋 ( Beside Meiekiminamiten Coin Laundry ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, because it has beef rice, and I really like it.
  11. Wired Cafe ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, because I ordered a parfait, and it is very good.
  12. 豚組 ( In Nagoya Station ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is very good, because when you take the meat into the pot, and you spin the pork inside the pot, and you can eat it.
  13. 矢場 ( In Nagoya Castle ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is my second favorite restaurant, and I really like it, so I recommend this restaurant.
  14. いろり ( In Gassho Zukuri Folk Village ): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is the best restaurant ever, and I want to go there to eat meat again.

I think today I learned a lot, and I also comment about the restaurants that I went before, and I recommend everyone to eat the restaurants that I ate, even it got really bad rating, but maybe you will like it, so it is all up to you.

2019年1月28日 星期一

What I learned from Gassho Zukuri Folk Village: Don't over do things.

Today I want to tell everybody about that I went to Gassho Zukuri Folk Village, and I learned a lot, and there are snow everywhere.

We woke up at 6 o'clock, because we booked bus tickets that is at 8 o'clock, so we needed to get up early, and we are all very tired, so we slept on the bus.

We took 3 hours to get to Gassho Zukuri Folk Village, and when we are there, I am very happy, because this is the first time that I saw snow.

We went down the bus, and we went to a restaurant and ate lunch, and we ate beef, it is very delicious, I like it very much.

I learned about don't over do things, because if you play a lot of snow, and the snow get on your shirt, when you go to a warm place, snow will became water, and your shirt will be wet.

My Dad let us lay on the snow, and I am very happy, because it is very cool, but my shirt get wet, so we can't play snow for a while.

My Dad told us that if you stay beside the roof for a long time, you will be in danger, because the thick snow on the roof will fall down, so we always stay under the roof.

We went to some houses to visit, and some are very big, and I wanted to live there, because their house is bigger than ours.

One house even has four reports made by their children, and I want to make one, too, so I will work hard at home, and I want to be stronger than them.

We went to a house that is a temple, and we went inside, but we played the snow outside, and they don't want us to play, so they stopped us.

I think we over played the snow, because it is in front of the temple, and we just play outside, but I really wanted to play snow.

This is the first time that I have ever touched snow, and I think it is a very good chance to touch snow, and I think I won't have any more time to touch snow.

I learned a lot today, and we ate a lot of beef, and even my brother, because he doesn't like to eat meat, but this time he likes to eat, so it proved this is good meat.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned don't over do things, and we ate a lot of beef, so I am very happy today.

2019年1月27日 星期日

What I learned from Sea Train Land; Focus can make things easier.

Today I want to tell everyone that I learned a lot of things about focus, because if you focus on something important, something good might happen.

We woke up at 8 o'clock, and we went to Nagoya Aquarium, and we ate a restaurant first, but I think that restaurant isn't very good.

Then we went into the aquarium, and we went in, we saw some shows, and we saw some special underwater livings.

Then we went to a playground called Sea Train Land, and I think it is very fun, I also learned a lot, and I have some examples.

The first one was a game that you need to use laser gun to shoot monsters, and you need to shoot the red circle, and if your score get higher than 20000, you can choose a gift.

I tried a lot of times, and I finally succeeded, and I am very happy, the clue for getting that high is to focus on shooting the monsters, and don't talk, and shoot the same one as much as you can.

The second game is a game that you need to use water to shoot a hole, and it has 9 holes, and the truck will move up and down, and it will turn, too, so you need to focus, if you score higher than 60, you can get a gift.

I get one, too, but I didn't score 60, but I still get it, because we played a lot of times, and we didn't get 60 all the times, so they just let us take one.

There is a game that you need to choose the right stamp to stamp on the right place, and if you get all right, you can get a coin, and the coin can exchange for a card, and you can use the card to fight, if you win, you can get a gift.

We can only play 10 times, and my cards are very weak, and the main focus part is during my fighting, because you need to focus on pressing the button.

You need to focus on pressing the button, because you wanted to win, so if you press harder, you can win more quickly.

I think today is a very good day, because I learned about focusing on something will make things easier to do, so focusing is very important.

2019年1月26日 星期六

What I learned from Nagoya City Science Museum: learning things by pictures, books, and doing.

Today I want to tell everyone that I learned a lot of things from Nagoya City Science Museum, and it is all very fun, and my Dad explained a lot, too.

Today we woke up at 10 o'clock, and we walked to a laundry shop, and we put clothes inside the washing machine, and threw in money, and it started to run.

Even though that I don't understand Japanese very well, but I still know how to use the washing machine, because it has some words and some pictures, so I can understand easily.

We went to Nagoya City Science Museum, and we saw a lot of people lining up for the ticket, so we waited for a long time.

Then we went to lock our bags and our jacket inside a locker, and we saw a lot of alphabets and I don't know what it is, so my Dad searched on the internet, and I knew what it is.

Then we went upstairs, and it has a lot of little games that we can play, and I learned a lot, but there are a lot of people, so we can't play all.

There are some games that is very clear in my mind, like there are three mirrors, and one will let you be fat, one will let you be thin, one will let you be short, it is all because of the mirrors' shapes, different shapes will cause different results.

There is a game that is about pressure, there are two octopuses in a bottle fill of water, and when you press the balloon the octopus will go down, it is because of the pressure, if the pressure is high, the octopus will go down.

There is a game that you need to pull and push the lever, and it will suck up the water from the bottom, and it will fill in a bucket, and when the bucket is full of water, the water will go down and fill the other bucket.

Even though I don't understand Japanese, I still can know what it does through the pictures or I can understand by doing it one time.

There is a game that is about to measure the real length of 1m, and you can try many times, and you can press a button to know how long are you now.

We also bought a ticket to enter a show, and it is all Japanese, I think it is a very good show, because it talked about what constellation will come out at this season, and I will try to guess what is it talking about.

I think today is a very good day, because we went to the Science Museum, and I learned to understand things by doing, pictures, and even internet and books.

2019年1月25日 星期五

What I've learned from Toyota Museum: Don't do the same thing all the time.

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to Toyota Museum to visit, and I am going to explain the history to everyone.

First, a person named Toyoda Sakichi was borned, and he saw his mom is making clothes, and it is very hard to make, so he decided to make the machine easier to use, and you can make clothes easier, so he keep trying, at last, he succeeded.

The first machine that he created isn't very good, so he kept improving, and he made a lot of machines that can make clothes, but it still needed hand to pull and push.

Then he made an auto-sewing machine, so he went to America, and see their sewing machine, and he thought their machines are better than his, so he tried to make his machine better than American's.

At last, he made a lot of machines, and he has over 50 machines that really can work, so he became very strong, and he created a company called Toyoda.

This company is for making clothes, and it is all auto-sewing, so he didn't need a lot of workers and the speed is fast, but then Toyoda Sakichi died.

Then the Toyoda company is in Toyoda Kichiro's hand, who is Toyoda Sakichi's son, and he sold out all of the sewing machine patents.

Everyone wants to know why he sold out all of the sewing machine patents, it is because in that year, everyone is buying cars, so if Toyoda kept making clothes, they won't have future.

Then Toyoda Kichiro started to make cars, and first he made cars by wood models, and he made the outer surface of the car.

Then he started to make outer surface by hand, but it is too slow, so he started to make machines, and it is very cool, I also saw it in the museum, and it is very cool.

Then Toyoda Kichiro changed the company name from Toyoda to Toyota, it has three reasons, the first on is Toyoda is a person's name, but it should now be a public company so they changed to Toyota.

The second reason is Toyota sounds better than Toyoda, because 'ta' is more clear. And the third reason is Toyota's Japanese Handwriting is 8 steps, and 8 means rich.

I think today I learned a lot, like making anything, you need to see what other people are doing, and you can catch up the world's new invention, and try to make one, too, then you can get money.

2019年1月24日 星期四

Today we went to Atsuta Jingu

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to Atsuta Jingu, and it is about a sword, and we can't see the sword.

We woke up at 10 o'clock, and we went to a subway station, and we went to Atsugi Jingu with a train, and it is very quick.

Today my breakfast was a chocolate puff, because yesterday's chocolate bread wasn't very good, and today's breakfast is better, but still not very good.

We went to buy ticket, and the machine isn't very good, so we tried to solve the problem, and at last we finally got our ticket.

When we are at Atsuta Jingu, we went inside and saw what are everyone doing, and we figured out that they are praying to a sword, and it maybe is inside a room, but we still don't know.

Then we went to visit a museum, and it has all the tools that old soldiers used, and the soldiers are all very famous, so we knew them.

In the museum, there are a lot of knives, and there are some pictures, and there are also some masks, there are two books that showed you what things are inside this museum.

There is a lot of mirrors, but their mirrors aren't glass mirrors, it is made by copper, and it still can see yourself.

Then we went to a place that is about some soldiers died there, and there are different tombs everywhere, so we needed to walk to a lot of places.

We walked about 20 minutes, and we finally arrived the subway station at last, and we walked about 9700 steps today, it is a lot.

When we finished visiting, we went to our hotel's 9th floor, and there is Bic Camera, because we went to Bic Camera on the first day, and we found a game machine, so we want to play it again.

In the game machine, you need to use the joystick to control the little character, and you need to press the white button to shoot the aliens.

The game's high score is 2810, and our high score is about 800, and it is very far from 2810, so we think we are not very good, but it is still very fun.

I wish I could come to Bic Camera very soon, because I want to play this very good game machine, and we could all have fun.

I think today is a very good day, because we went to Bic Camera to play the machine, and today's dinner is egg with rice, and it is very good.

2019年1月23日 星期三

Today we went to Nagoya Castle

Today I want to tell everyone about that I saw Nagoya Castle, but I didn't go in, because someone is fixing Nagoya Castle.

We woke up at 10 o'clock, and I ate my chocolate bread, but I didn't eat my pudding bread because I ate it yesterday, and I think it is not good.

When we went out, we went to a subway station, and we went to Nagoya Castle, we walked a lot, because the main entrance is very far from the subway station.

It is very cold outside, and the sun is very big, so we wear masks and sunglasses, so when we breathe, there will be a lot of fog on the sunglass, so I took the mask off.

Then we went in the main entrance, and we bought the tickets, then we went in, I found some stamps, and I am very happy that it is invisible, and you need some special lights to see it.

We visited a lot of rooms, and we listened to the guide, and we think it is very fun, but if we keep walking, our energy will be gone, and we are hungry, so we went to eat pork.

I ate pork with curry and rice, and I really like it, because the pork is very good to eat, but I think the curry is normal.

When we finished eating lunch, we went to buy shrimp cookies, and we bought a bag, we haven't eat yet, I think it is supposed to be delicious.

Then we went to see the TV tower, and we saw a very tall building, but we can't go in, because someone is fixing it, too.

Then we went to Pokemon center, because it is very close to the TV tower, and we bought something, like pillow, pen, scissor, and dolls, I bought a Jigglypuff pillow, because I think it is very cute.

Today we bought a subway ticket that can be used for the whole day, and I think it is pretty useful, because you just need to buy one time, and you can use it all day.

I think Japan's subway is very clean, and the subway will fit the parking line, and you can go in very easily, and you don't need to worry about that door will hit you.

In Pokemon center, my Dad wanted to buy a very big Jigglypuff, but I stopped him, because I don't want to have another Jigglypuff, I am afraid of I will forget the old Jigglypuff.

My brother also bought a squirtle, and it is smaller than the old squirtle, it is very cute, and it is a baby, and the old squirtle said that it is cuter than the baby squirtle.

I think today is a good day, because I went to Pokemon center, and I also bought a dice, and when you open the Pokemon ball, the dice will dice a number.

2019年1月22日 星期二

Today I went to Nagoya

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to Nagoya, and I fly to Nagoya today, I am very excited when I am at home.

First, we picked up our package and went to Taoyuan Airport, then we flew a plane to Nagoya airport, and we took a train to Nagoya station, and we got to our hotel.

Second, we checked in the hotel and placed our things in the right place, and then we went to the restaurant mall to eat meat for dinner.

We ate a restaurant that is for eating wagyu, and I really like the things that they sold, their wagyu's shape is like hamburger meat, so it eats kind of like hamburger.

I ordered kid's meal, and it has a hamburger shape wagyu, and some salad, sausage, potatoes, egg, and some rice, it even has an ice cream.

When I haven't got on the airplane, I downloaded some Netflix videos, because I am afraid that there is no TV on the plane,  but when I got on the plane, there was a not very big TV, and I was happy that I can concentrate on watching TV.

I ate a meal on the plane, and I think it is very delicious, because it is beef curry with rice, and I love curry, beef, and rice, so I ate it all.

I saw a movie called Venom, and I think it is very good, because Venom is a new hero of Marvel, and it is very cool, but it is afraid of fire and loud pitch sounds.

When I am at a train in Nagoya going to Nagoya station, I felt asleep, because sitting on a plane and never sleep is very tired, when I woke up, it is very close to Nagoya station, so I am very lucky.

On the Nagoya train, I chose the seat that has different direction of the train, and it is pretty fun, but it is very normal. The seats on the Nagoya train can switch sides, but I didn't switch it.

We actually woke up at seven o'clock in the morning, so we are all very tired today, but if I had a good dream, and wake up tomorrow, I can go and visit the first place.

When I am at our hotel, I found a perfect place to sleep, and it is not actually a bed, but I think the place is very cool, so I decided to sleep there.

We also went to a supermarket to buy tomorrow's breakfast, and I found a bread that is pudding flavor, and I hope it really has pudding inside, not just the taste.

In the hotel there is a tablet that can help you to control all the things in the room, because when you press the switch off light button, the light in the room will switch off.

The hotel is very cool, because it is not from floor one, it is actually at floor fifteen, and up to floor twenty four, so it is the strangest hotel I have ever seen.

The hotel has a bar, but it is very very expensive, so we didn't go to eat, and we chose to buy the breakfast at the supermarket.

I wish we can go to a very good place to visit, because I want to learn a lot of things about Nagoya, and I want to have fun in LEGO Land, I wish we can all have fun.

I think today is a good day, because we ate a lot of delicious food, like curry, rice and beef, so I am very happy today, and I wish when I went home on the plane, I can eat something like curry, beef, and rice.

2019年1月21日 星期一

Minecraft / Survival Mode 5 : Do Missions Again !

Today I want to tell everyone about that I want to complete a mission about catching fish, but I found out that it is too hard to complete, so I decided to do the 16 color wool mission again.

First, I wanted to catch a fish, because I had 3 buckets, and I think I can get some fishes, but then I found out that it is too hard to catch.

I just keep filling up my bucket with water, but I can't get the fish, and this is the first time that I need to catch a fish, so I don't know how.

Then the fish gave me a bone and fish meat, so I thought that bones can make white dye, so I decided to do the 16 color wool mission again, and I am finding flower now.

I am very good at finding the materials, because I just found all of them before, so I am pretty sure where to find them.

Now, my target is to go to the desert, and I can get green dye, and I wanted to get a cocoa been, and I can get brown dye.

It is hard, so I must do harder, because I can get all of the color of the wool, and I wish this time I can complete the mission.

I think today is a very good day, because I got a very good idea, and I think the idea will succeed, and if it really succeeds, I will be very happy.

2019年1月19日 星期六

Minecraft / Survival Mode 4

Today I want to tell everyone about that I have all of 16 colors of wool, and when I finished, nothing happened.

When I saw it doesn't do anything, I am very sad, because I worked very hard for this, and I wanted to find a way to complete this mission.

I want to know why I couldn't complete the mission, I wish if anyone knows what just happened, I wish that you could tell me why.

I worked very hard to find all the dye, but know I couldn't complete this mission, I think I can change this mission to my own mission, and I completed now.

I think the next mission is to grab a fish into a bucket, and that will be my second mission, so I will go and finish it.

I want to get a mission done very soon, because I want to fill up my sad emotion, and I want to complete a lot of missions.

I wish I can get a lot of gold and a lot of diamond, so I can make a lot of weapons, and I wish I can get some emerald.

I think today is a very bad day, because I didn't finish my mission, and I made a little house, but it didn't do anything.

2019年1月17日 星期四

Minecraft / Survival Mode 3

Today I want to tell everyone about that I found lapis and gold, and I think I am very lucky.

I went down to underground, and I found some water, and I found gold, then I keep going, and I found lapis.

I want to complete the 16 color wool mission, so I keep searching for some color dyes, and I wish I can complete the mission easily.

I want to find more things, like emerald, diamond, and some thing that is very hard to find in survival mode.

I think today is very good, because I found lapis and gold, and now I have 6 color of wools, and I think I am going to complete the mission.

2019年1月16日 星期三

Minecraft / Survival Mode 2

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played survival mode today, and I really like it, but I kind of not knowing what I am going to do next.

First, I want to tell everyone that there is a survival mode achievement, and you can try to complete the missions, and I want to complete it all, but I don't know what will I get when I complete the missions.

The one that I am doing now is to collect all the colors of wool, the thing that you need to do is to pick flowers, and make it into dye, and you can color the wool you got.

However, if you want to complete this mission, you must go and find a lot of flowers, and I wish I can complete this mission soon.

I think I can figure out a way to get and find a lot of different color flowers, then I can complete the mission easily, because sheep aren't very rare.

I want to complete a mission that I made by myself, the thing is I want to get a lot of strings, and I wish there is a person that knows how to get strings, and if you know, you can comment at the bottom of this blog.

I think today is a very good day, because I found some flowers, and I made it into wools, and I wish I can get more.

2019年1月15日 星期二

《科學實驗王:2. 牛頓運動定律》學習單

今天我有寫一個學習單,他是關於《科學實驗王:2. 牛頓運動定律》的一個學習單,這次的學習單不像是以前出在電腦上,這次是用紙和筆去寫的。






2019年1月14日 星期一

Minecraft / Survival Mode 1

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played survival mode today, and I think survival mode is very hard, because you need to make things by yourself, and you won't get any help.

I started the video when I was first in Minecraft, and I want to tell everyone that when you started a survival mode, you must start to get woods, you need to cut the tree branch, and you can get woods.

Then you needed to make a wood block by the branches, and you needed to make sticks by the wood blocks, and remember to keep some wood blocks left, and you can make a wooden sword and a wooden pickaxe, this two weapons are the weapons I think are the best.

If you just want to live on the surface, you can get both of the weapons, sword and pickaxe, but if you just want to live and survive underground, you can just take a pickaxe.

Next, you can use wooden sword to get stones, and you can make stone weapons, then you can use stone pickaxe to get metal ore, and you need to use cobblestones to make a furnace.

When you got a furnace, you need to get some coal, and put it in the furnace, because you need fuel, and put the metal ore on the top block, then you can get metal, next you can make a stone sword.

First, I want to tell everyone that if you wanted to live on the surface, you must dig a lot of materials, and you can make a lot of things, in next episode, I think I would show everyone how to live on the surface.

If you want to live underground, you need to try, because it isn't very easy for you to find a hole in the underground, and you might never get to the surface again.

I think today's survival mode is very good, because I made a lot of things, and I learned a lot of things that you can do in survival mode.

2019年1月13日 星期日

《科學實驗王:1. 酸鹼中和》學習單 / Jin

1. 請從 179 頁開始複習到最後,把這場實驗大賽的過程看完,然後思考,如果是你去比賽的話,你會怎麼設計實驗步驟,並避開可能出錯的細節,順利的分離出砂石、鐵粉、食鹽、萘丸。(提示:能恢復結晶的,比還是溶液狀態的好喔。如果直接加熱乙醇會燒起來,那該怎麼辦呢?可以考慮上網搜尋「乙醇 萘 分離」喔。)




2. 請複習 106 到 113 頁,並整理出報紙擦玻璃比抹布好的幾個原因。越完整,分數會越高喔!


Minecraft / My Gashapon and My Changing Color Machine

Today I want to tell everyone about that I made three Gashapon, and I made four changing color machine.

I am very happy that made a lot of good things, but I made all four projects, but there are just two successful project.

I made a project that can make light turn into different colors, and I made four at total, but you still can change the color whenever you want, because you just need to change the color of the glass, and that is fine.

I made a gashapon, and there are three gashapons, so let me tell everyone about what I put inside.

The first one has 8 coal ores, and 1 gold ore, the second one has 8 apples, and 1 shiny golden apple, the third one has 8 pictures and 1 crafting table.

I think the thing I made today are all very good, and I think I could make something different next time.

2019年1月11日 星期五

Minecraft / My Battlefield

Today I want to tell everyone about that I just made a battlefield to make monsters attack, and I am very happy that I could make them fight.

At first, I just see my brother made a really big battlefield, and I want to make it, too, so I just made one myself, and my machine is different than my brother's.

I am happy that I succeed, because at first I think that I won't be able to finish today, and probably it won't succeed, but things works different, I finished in about 30 minutes, and it really can make monsters.

Then I summoned twenty snow golems, and I summoned three zombies, and unfortunately, zombies won, and then, I summoned ten snow golems, and one zombie, but zombie won, but it took a long time.

If you like my machine, I think I will make some new things, and I will share to everyone, so I hope everyone can subscribe me, so you can see my new videos, and you can learn how to make the redstone machines.

2019年1月9日 星期三















2019年1月8日 星期二

《全面啟動》電影 學習單 / Jin

1. 《全面啟動》的英文片名,叫作 Inception,請問 inception 這個字的意思是什麼?在這部片子裡頭,又代表什麼?如果今天把片名改叫做 Dream in Dream in Dream,你覺得會更好嗎?為什麼?

Inception 的中文意思就是植入一些東西,在這個電影裡代表很多層的夢。如果今天叫做 Dream in Dream in Dream 的話,我覺得他的 "Dream" 和 "in" 重複了太多次,所以才會縮減成 Inception,當你要講影片的名稱時,會需要講很多字,縮減完你變得只需要說一個字而已。

2. 《全面啟動》是一部結構很複雜的電影,所以電影出來之後,很多人畫了圖,協助大家瞭解整個故事的結構。而資訊圖表有個新名詞,叫做 infographics,請你用「inception infographics」當作關鍵字,搜尋圖片,然後找一張你最喜歡的,最讓你看得懂的圖片,貼上來。

3. 承上題,請在你的 iPad 或電腦,顯示這張圖,然後錄影跟大家介紹吧!

4. 在 Inception 裡頭,團隊成員有 Cobb / Arthur / Ariadne / Eames / Yusuf / Saito,請問你最喜歡誰,為什麼?請用故事情節說明其個性,至少 3 行。

我最喜歡 Eames,因為他有一次很好笑,Arthur 他在夢裡用一般的步槍打敵人,但是 Eames 就跟他說,要有想像力,所以 Eames 就變出一支榴彈槍來轟爆敵人,我覺得那一幕真的很好笑,這是我喜歡 Eames 的原因之一。

第二個原因就是 Eames 是每一場夢欺騙別人的人,我覺得很好笑,因為每一次那個人都會被騙,所以被騙的人笨笨的,而 Eames 很聰明。

5. 在 Inception 裡頭,大家都會以為主角 Cobb 的圖騰是陀螺,但是其實那顆陀螺是 Cobb 老婆的,大家知道真正的圖騰是什麼嗎?(Jin 出的喔!)

其實 Cobb 它的真正的圖騰是他手上的戒指,因為在真實的世界裡,他是沒有戒指的,但是在夢裡面,他的戒指就會消失。


2019年1月6日 星期日

《程式特攻隊》3. 如果否則迷宮 4. 巢狀救命階梯 學習單 / Jin

1. 請使用 Tynker 的 project 功能,寫一個如第三冊 26 頁的六角形,並公開分享在網路上,然後 embed 到下面作為答案呈現。


2. 請使用 Tynker 的 project 功能,應用 if else 功能與隨機亂數生成,做一個會隨意改變顏色、隨意改變行走長度、隨意變化角度的亂數畫圖程式,並加上重複功能,使他畫出一個隨機圖形。Embed 成果於下方。(注意:顏色、長度、角度等等都要能隨機變換喔!)


3. 請問第三冊最後一頁的「來自程式特攻隊的秘密訊息」,全部的程式碼輸入完成後,會畫出什麼呢?請截圖呈現你最後輸入完執行看到的結果。(提示:可以兩個人一起合作,輪流輸入,一起獲得結果。)

4. 請用 Tynker 寫程式控制 Minecraft,在 Minecraft 的世界中,用方塊畫出第四冊 28 頁的圖形。錄影介紹程式碼與執行結果、上傳 YouTube 後,將影片嵌入下方作為本題答案。

5. 請用 Tynker 寫程式控制 Minecraft,在 Minecraft 的世界中,用「重複」指令,畫出第四冊 44 頁的圖形,而且不只畫一層方塊,能一次畫出五層高的城牆。這樣畫好後,只需要手動加個門,就是個城堡囉!錄影介紹程式碼與執行結果、上傳 YouTube 後,將影片嵌入下方作為本題答案。

6. 請用 Tynker 寫程式控制 Minecraft,並應用巢狀組合的指令,畫出最後一頁的梯子型,而且,不只畫一層方塊喔,能一次畫五層高,這樣只要加個門,就是一連串的連棟透天囉!錄影介紹程式碼與執行結果、上傳 YouTube 後,將影片嵌入下方作為本題答案。

7. 現在我們讀了四本了,你更認識霍普這個人,請問到目前為止,你對他個性的描述是?你對他的看法是?你喜歡他嗎,為什麼?(至少 5 行)




《漫畫大英百科:神話與傳說》學習單 / Jin

1. 神話與傳說,都跟「產生它的地點」有關,看了這麼多精彩的故事之後,請用你的 iPad,打開 Google 地圖,找到這些地方。看熟了之後,錄一段影片,從台灣出發,然後依序找到這些地方,並簡單說一下哪裡的神話主題吧。


英國(亞瑟王)/ 特洛伊與斯巴達(奧德修斯與特洛伊戰爭)北歐,有哪些國家呢?索爾與洛基/ 韓國(麻姑奶奶)/ 日本(桃太郎)/ 柬埔寨(魔斧與魔球)/ 澳洲(長尾袋鼠與扁臉袋熊)/ 極地因紐特人(烏鴉)/ 迦納(蜘蛛神安納西)

2. 100 頁有提到一個詞,叫做「灰姑娘情節」,請讀懂內容後,想一想。並回答以下:請問「灰姑娘情結」是什麼意思?在你看過的《冰雪奇緣》中,你覺得 Elsa Anna 誰比較有灰姑娘情節?而迪士尼想藉由《冰雪奇緣》的故事,告訴你什麼呢?

灰姑娘情節的意思就是要依靠別的男生來得到幸福,而在冰雪奇緣當中,我覺得 Anna 比較有灰姑娘情節,因為他依靠的去和一個男生當朋友來得到幸福,但是有一個缺點就是他依靠的那一個王子不一定是一個好王子。

我覺得迪士尼製作這部電影冰雪奇緣是要告訴我們說 Elsa 他是靠著自己的力量來長大,但是 Anna 他是靠著別人的力量來長大,但是兩個都會有壞處,Elsa 的壞處是他會比較沒有朋友,Anna 的缺點就是他的朋友不一定是好朋友。

2019年1月5日 星期六

鄭荷之戰 歷史素養 學習單 / Jin

1. 《1661 國姓來襲》這本書,與一般的觀念不同。一般中華民國的教育,是尊敬鄭成功,認為他是中國人或漢人的身份,忠誠於明朝、趕走外國人很棒。但這本書卻是以荷蘭人尤其揆一的角度來看。你喜歡這樣用不同角度去看歷史嗎?為什麼?(至少 5 行)




2. 因為採取了不同的立場,作為漫畫,在外型的設定上,也要有對應的設計。請畫出本書的揆一與鄭成功的造型,並說明,他們的造型,分別賦予他們怎樣的個性?(一張圖畫兩個人,揆一與鄭成功各三行文字介紹。)



3. 歷史的演進,往往跟氣候、地理、地球科學有關。請問,鄭成功能夠順利從鹿耳門水道通過,是因為他作了哪些準備,掌握哪些知識?(提示:第 36 頁開始。至少 3 行。)


4. 同樣的,歷史的走向,跟地理往往有關。請問,鄭成功能打下熱蘭遮城,是因為誰的叛變?提供了怎樣的資訊?然後鄭成功怎麼順利讓戰局突破平衡,逼揆一選擇投降?請描述人名、地理狀況,並從網路下載或書籍掃描,找一張圖片作標示與解說。(請附一張說明圖,並提供至少 5 行說明。)


5. 漫畫的最後一部份,講到台灣的命運。最後一頁,更畫出了蔣介石。請掃描該頁,並放上來。然後說明作者畫的蔣介石有什麼特色?他想要借由這樣的形象,暗示你什麼?(請附一張掃描圖,並提供至少 3 行說明。)


6. 請根據《被誤解的臺灣古地圖》p 155-157 以及 p 166-167 圖片介紹,瞭解熱蘭遮城真正的構造後,用 Minecraft 製造一座你自己的熱蘭遮城,要有地形高低、稜堡、附城以及烏特勒支堡喔,越詳細的話,就能得到越高分喔!(錄製影片介紹,寫成另一篇部落格。下方則嵌入影片,以及該篇部落格連結。)


2019年1月4日 星期五

Minecraft / Red-stone Land Hotel

Today I want to tell everyone about I made a hotel in my Red-stone Land, and I am very happy, because I think it is very good.

This building is inspired from a Tainan's monument called Zeelandia, I think the building I built is very similar to Zeelandia.

Inside my building, there is some weapons, and when someone is here, they can pick up some weapons to fight.

There are some chests, too, inside the chest there are some special things, and outside of the chest has a sign, so you can know what things are inside.

There are about 16 beds, because there are 16 different colors of beds, so you can choose whatever bed you wanted to sleep on.

There are a lot of drawings and pictures, too, because I don't know what can I put on the wall, so I put pictures.

You can also learn how to hunt, because some boxes have bows inside, and you can go to any place to hunt animals.

On the roof, there is one little room, people can stay, too, but it is a room pretending you are in the jail, but there is food.

I think the building that I made is very good, because there are a lot of things that is very useful, so you can come and live in the hotel.