Jin's blog: 六月 2018 WFU

2018年6月30日 星期六

Tik Tok game

Today I want to tell everyone about the game that is famous in Tik Tok, and I downloaded them.

I will tell you all of the games that I downloaded, and the games are all very fun.

  1. Stack
  2. TwistyRoad
  3. Helix Jump
  4. Gatecrasher
  5. Color Road

I downloaded those games and I think Stack is the best, because its blocks will change color.

In Tik Tok, who plays those games are very good at this, and I can't play very well, I am not strong.

If you want to know how to play, you can download the game you wanna know, and it will be fun.

If you want to play very well, you can download Tik Tok and watch the video that show you how to play.

I think the 5 games are really good, I like to play the game author's other games, because it is fun, too.

I think Tik Tok can help some games to be famous, and I will download all of the games, but if I think that game is boring, I will delete it.

2018年6月29日 星期五

Go to the science museum 2

Today I want to tell everyone about what did they thought and what did they feel? I think you will think this is fun.

When I am on the bus, my classmate told me they thought I really don't know where am I?

They just keep finding, and they can't find me, so they are very scared, and they wanted to cry.

Then I told my teammates to find them and told them we are standing here, then they come, they are angry.

I think this idea is very good, but the next time we can't send message to them, because they will think we are kidding.

Today afternoon, we ate pizza in my English class, and we all have fun, and we watched Ready Player One.

The pizza is very good to eat, and I ate three pizza, I think the pork pizza is better than the chicken pizza.

I let my classmates play Granny, and I wanted to watch Ready Player One, because I think Ready Player One is good.

I think today is the best day ever, because I ate pizza and we watched Ready Player One, too.

Go to the science museum

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the science museum, and I am very happy today.

I went to a exhibition, and the exhibition is about science, and the things inside are very cool, too.

Then we wanted to prank my classmate, and I send a message to my classmate, they ask us where are we?

I answered we are on top of the dinosaur fossil, they told us to take a photo for where we are?

Then I take a photo with my teammates smiling, and they told us don't leave there, and we just stay there.

There is somewhere that you can drink water, and we just stay there, when they found us, we laughed.

The next blog I will write about when they are finding us, what did they thought and feel?

Then we went to McDonald to eat our lunch, and I have 6 chicken nuggets and a french fries for my lunch.

I drink 1 and a half cup of lemon tea, and I think that drink is awesome, and I love it, so I have 1 and a half cup.

I think today is fun, because today I ate McDonald, and I played with my friend, so I am happy.

2018年6月28日 星期四

【作業】雞皮疙瘩 3 之厄運咕咕鐘


1. 解析度 1200*628 是最適合 Facebook 分享的縮圖比例。請掃描本書封面,並用影像編輯軟體,裁切出 1200*628 的影像,作為這篇文章開頭的圖片。


2. 請問,雞皮疙瘩系列,在美國知名的書評網站 Goodreads,得到的分數大約在那個區間,這個分數區間,你覺得是高分還是低分?

大約在 3.5 到 3.9 之間,我覺得很高!

(橙師按:Goodreads 的評分,要先看有多少人投票,像雞皮疙瘩大概都有幾千人投票,所以分數可以參考。如果只有幾十個人,分數就先不要相信。至於我讀書,會選 3.8 以上的讀,4.0 以上就相當不錯,3.5 的就不太理想。但最後還是要看自己喜不喜歡。你讀完之後,也可以上去投票喔!)

3. R.L. Stine 在美國,是個怎樣評價的作者,請你根據網路搜尋,總結出你的看法。他賺錢嗎?他成功嗎?他的作品被認為文學價值高嗎?


(橙師按:這題也答得太簡單。請參考以下連結 https://goo.gl/A9fYot

4. 厄運咕咕鐘一書,有哪些情節的設定,是特別為了青少年所設計的,也就是,哪些情節是青少年會遇到的狀況,所以在書中讀到會特別感同身受?


5. 最後塔拉從世界消失了,你認為麥可之後會想辦法把他找回來嗎?你認為他是真心討厭妹妹,還是只是平常鬥嘴,過了一陣子沒有妹妹的生活,反而會開始想念他?為什麼?



2018年6月26日 星期二


Today I wanted to tell everyone about the games in Scratch, and what game I like the most.

I like the ninja game the most, because this game can get weapon and hit someone, and I think this game is cool.

When you are playing, you must:

  1. Use arrow keys to move and change directions.
  2. Press space to use your weapons.
  3. Press Z to change your weapons.
  4. Press A to go to another stage.
  5. Press R to restart the game.
  6. Enjoy the game! Don't complain about this game.
When it is computer class, our teacher told us this game, but we have to find by ourselves.

I think that game is fun, and it is very good, because when we are dead, you can just play that stage again, you don't need to start from the beginning.

I think this game is better then other games in Scratch, but Arena of Valor is better then the ninja game.

I think Arena of Valor is better because now there is some new mode in Arena of Valor, and that is fun.

I think today is a good day, because I played the ninja game, and after 3 days, I can go to the science museum.

2018年6月25日 星期一

I will go to the science museum on Friday

Today I want to tell everyone about I will go to the science museum on Friday, and I am happy.

I am excited because I can bring my iPad to the science museum, so I am very happy to go there.

My teammates thought we can sit in McDonalds and play Free Fire or Arena of Valor, and we can have fun.

I want we can play Arena of Valor, because I like to play Arena of Valor very much, because it is fun.

I can bring my iPad to my English class, too, and I can play Granny and Arena of Valor with my friends.

On Friday, my English class will have a pizza party, and I will bring my iPad there and play.

I think this Friday will be the best day ever, and I will be very happy and very full, so I think Friday will be a happy day.

I want Friday to come quickly, so I can bring my iPad to school soon, and I can play games with my friends.

I think when it is Friday, I will be very happy, because after 3 days, I can go to Japan, and catch Pokemons.

I will introduce a trip to Japan

Today I want to tell everyone about that I am going to introduce a trip to Japan, because I want to try.

Almost everyone in the company will go to Japan, because we will go together, and I think we will have fun.

I will introduce what will we do in Japan, and I will introduce what hotel will we live, so I will do my best.

I think I will be very scared, but I don't need to go to the school, so I can't be scared, and I need to relax.

Today I just practiced my speech one time, and I am very excited now, I think I can speak very well tomorrow.

I really want to go to my Mom and Dad's office, and I can introduce a trip to Japan and make everyone laugh.

I think I will hear lots of applauds, and also my brother playing while I am speaking, so I think he is naughty.

I will think my brother will play while I am speaking, because today when I am practicing, he played, too.

I think tomorrow he will not play very much, because he is shy outside, and naughty at home.

2018年6月23日 星期六


Today I want to tell everyone about that my friend told me to download a game called Granny.

This game is a little bit scary, my friend don't think granny is scared, he thought this game is fun.

Sometimes when I play, Granny will come and find me, then she will find under the bed, so I will be scared.

After I win in Mobile Legends, I will think Granny this game is not scared at all, and I don't know why?

Sometimes when I hide under the bed, Granny will go down and look at me in a short time, and I will be scared.

I want to escape from this house, but I never step outside of the room, because I am afraid of Granny.

I want one day I could escape from the house and go to the next part of the house, I will try.

Friday I can ask my friend how to play, because I will bring my I pad there, so I can escape from the room.

I think Granny is a little bit scary, when I am playing Granny, my heart will beat very fast, because I am scared.

I think when it is Friday, I won't be scared, because my friends are all around me, so I won't be scared.

I finished my final exam

Today I want to tell everyone about that I finished my final exam, and I am happy about my score.

I got 99 in mandarin, 97 in social studies, 97 in math, 99 in English and 95 in science, so I think I got a good score.

All of my score are higher then 95, and I am very happy, because all of my score plus together is 487.

When tomorrow is going to have a test, I will bring Travel Frog to school, because it is a lucky item.

I think Travel frog can help you to think you are the best, you can do it, because it is very cute.

When it is the final, I will keep finding where did I wrong, and I will be careful of what I have written.

When it isn't the final, I won't find where did I wrong, when I finish the test, I will just give my teacher.

I think what I do is wrong, but I don't know how to let me remember to double check my quiz.

I want the next time when I have a quiz, I can remember to double check my quiz, so I can get a high score.












我都會和弟弟一起玩死鬥,我們都沒有第一名過,最高就是第二名,有一次我們一開始領先第二名 10 個寶石,但還是第二名。



我覺得傳說對決很有趣,因為有些模式很好玩,但是我還是比較喜歡玩 Mobile Legends,因為 Mobile Legends 裡面的英雄比較有趣。

2018年6月18日 星期一

知識王 2






  1. 寶石:可以用來兌換一些像是福袋之類的,或者是金幣,可以從較難的關卡及購買造型             得到。
  2. 黃金:一個黃金可以兌換 200 個金幣,這個道具在沒錢的時候可以用,可以從關卡或               用寶石兌換。
  3. 珍珠:20 個珍珠可以兌換一個鑽石,珍珠可以從福袋裡得到,也可以購買造型,或打               敗敵方得到。
  4. 古老錢幣:可以兌換東西,對你越有價值的東西,會需要越多錢幣來兌換,可以從購買                     造型以及福袋裡或是打敗對手。
  5. 福袋:有分小福袋、中福袋、大福袋和高級福袋,可以從打敗關主及購買造型或是用寶             石兌換。



我明天也會介紹所有的知識,但是如果講不完,那就要出知識王 4 了,希望這個遊戲可以讓我寫很多篇部落格。


2018年6月17日 星期日






  1. 「常識」二手菸對身體的哪個部位有害?肺部。
  2. 「常識」下列哪一種魚眼睛長在同一邊?比目魚。
  3. 「歷史」過五關斬六將出自於哪一部古典小說?《三國演義》。
  4. 「數學」99 x 3 =? 297
  5. 「數學」一本書 15 元,買 10 本用 500 元付會找幾元?350。
  6. 「英文」火車的英文是?train。
  7. 「娛樂」皮卡丘的進化是?雷丘。
  8. 「嘗試」下列哪種動物沒有頭腦?水母。
  9. 「傳說」被邱比特的箭射中會怎樣?墜入愛河。
  10. 「傳說」邱比特手上拿的是?弓。
  11. 「娛樂」在 line 原創角色裡,有一頭金髮的是誰?詹姆士。
  12. 「歷史」是誰曾經打破水缸救出朋友?司馬光。
  13. 「常識」莎翁是誰的稱號?莎士比亞。


有時候你會拿到收集品,每系列的收集品會有四個,只要你完成一系列,就可以拿到 10 顆珍珠。



2018年6月16日 星期六

I went to my grandparents' house

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to my grandparents' house today, and we ate lunch together.

We went to my grandparents' house when it was 10:30, and we played to 11:49, and we drive to the restaurant.

When we arrived, we started to eat, and I have pork, rice, fruit salad, corn soup and chocolate milk for lunch.

I ate all of my lunch, and I am very very full, I can't even eat anymore, so you can see how full I am.

I think I am very full because I ate lots of mango and tomato at my grandparents' house, and I am a bit full.

When we finished eating, we went home, I keep eating some food, and I don't know why I can eat that much.

I wanted to try my Dad's coffee, but when I drank it, I think that coffee is bitter, I don't know if every coffee are bitter.

Then I drank a drink, the drink is for my dinner, the drink is good to drink, because it is sweet.

When I finished my drink, I am still eating, and I don't know why, I am full, but I wanted to eat.

I think today's dinner and lunch are all very good to eat, and I love the taste of the pork and rice.

2018年6月14日 星期四

Today is the last day of grade 6

Today I want to tell everyone about today is the last day of grade 6 in our school, I think they are all sad.

I saw some teachers cried, and a lot of grade 6 children cried, too, and some of grade 5 children cried.

I didn't cry, but I felt sad, I wish them have a bright future, and I wish they can be what they wanted to be.

Today's activity is better then before, because it has a show, this show is a song, they dance.

I think the teachers' dancing are very funny, because they are adult, they can't jump very high.

There is a video about each classes took a funny video, and made it into a video, the video is very good.

Today my hands are really hurt, and it is all white, but I didn't stop clapping, I finish clapping.

All of grade 5 students and teachers came out and clap hand to let grade 6 walk out of the school.

When they are walking, the most of them cried, and the teachers cried, too, I think they are really sad.

I think today this activity is very fun, because I can see my grade 6 friends, but they are leaving the school.

2018年6月13日 星期三


Today I want to tell everyone about that I eat KFC today, and I saw a face like Jigglypuff, I think it is similar.

The face that I saw is on a box with french fries, hamburger and tarts, that is my today's dinner.

The face has two round eyes and a smiling mouth, I think it is very cute, but it is just a coincidence.

I took a photo with the KFC box and my Jigglypuff doll, and I think the two things are really similar.

You can turn the Jigglypuff face into a box, because this face is made from the box's part.

I think KFC's french fries are the best french fries that I have ever eat before, it is very good to eat.

I eat the new hamburger that KFC has, and I think this hamburger is very very good to eat.

I think the hamburger is very good, because it has peanut butter inside, peanut butter is good.

I think KFC is the best restaurant that I have ever eaten before, there are lots of good food inside.

Tomorrow is the last day of grade 6

Today I want to tell everyone about that tomorrow is the last day of grade 6, they won't come to school after this.

We (grade 5) need to go and say goodbye to them, and we will sing a song to say goodbye to them.

We have to clap for about 20 minutes, and we can't stop clapping, because there are lots of awards.

I think I like the singing part, but I hate to clap hands, because my hands will be very white.

My grade 6 friends told us to sing better, so they can listen to a good music, and they will be happy.

I wish tomorrow will rain, so our class don't need to sweep the floor, and everyone will be very happy.

I think tomorrow will have some special show, and I think the show part and the singing part will be very fun.

I think tomorrow will be boring, because we practice before and it is very boring, so I don't think it will be good.

Maybe tomorrow will add something fun inside, so we will not get bored, and we will be very happy.

I think tomorrow will be boring, so I wish tomorrow can be more fun than before, then I will be happy.

2018年6月10日 星期日

I am very excited to go to Japan

Today I want to tell everyone about that I am very excited to go to Japan when it is summer vocation.

When it is summer vocation, my Mom's colleague, my brother, my Dad, my Mom and I will go to Japan.

I am excited to sit on the plane and play with other kids, of coarse there will be some kids that I knew.

I am excited to sit on the bus and go to play, because I can sleep on the bus, so I don't need to walk.

I am excited to sit on the bus and write some important things that the tour guide said, I think that is fun.

I am excited to lie on the hotels' beds, because I think hotels' beds are all very good to sleep.

I am excited to see some very beautiful flowers, because my Mom said that the flowers are beautiful.

I am excited to eat melons, because my Mom said that their melons are very sweet, so I want to try some.

I am excited to eat crabs and pudding, I am excited to eat pudding, too, I am excited to see those bears.

I think when I go to Japan, I will think it would be very fun, and I am excited of everything in Japan.

2018年6月9日 星期六

I went to my grandparents' house

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to my grandparents' house, and I think today is very fun.

Today I ate chocolate bread for breakfast, I think this chocolate bread is very good to eat, this food is made from my grandma.

We didn't go there very early, so when we finish breakfast, it is almost the lunchtime, and I will be very full.

When it is lunchtime, the foods are all very good to eat, and we ate pineapple for fruit, pudding for sneak.

I like to eat the food that were made from my grandma, because they are all yummy, and the fruits are all sweet.

When we finish lunch, my brother started to play it with my Mom, they are happy, but I don't know what can I do?

I started to play bat mitten by myself, but I felt bored, so I went to play with my brother and my Mom.

I am the bank in the game, I will give them some money, and I will take some money from them, too.

Then we needed to go home, because we needed to start reading our books, so we can get high score.

I think today is very fun, because we all played a lot, and I am very full after lunch, now my stomach is full, too.

2018年6月7日 星期四


Today I want to tell everyone about the thing that happened in my today's life that I think it was very funny.

When I am learning social studies, my teacher gave me a bag of cookie, because I am one of the best actor in our class.

When I got this cookie, I felt happy, because I can't imagine that I am one of the best actor.

Today afternoon, when I am having a test in the science class, someone said that there is Jigglypuff!

I asked him what did you see? He said Jigglypuff is on the right side of the quiz, I search for a moment.

I saw Jigglypuff this word, and I am surprised, I can't believe that there will be Jigglypuff this word on the quiz!

When everyone saw this word, everyone is saying Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff! I am very happy, because I am Jigglypuff!

Tomorrow I am going to a field trip, but I don't know this place's name in English, so I can't tell everyone. (My Dad said it is AUO.)

I think tomorrow will have fun, because we are going to make a solar car, and we are going to make by ourselves.

I think today is fun, because I am happy about everything that happened today, I am excited for tomorrow, too.

2018年6月6日 星期三




到了學校後小恩就趴在桌上睡著了,直到離上課還有 5 分鐘才醒來。「老師我要去上廁所!」小恩舉手說。「快去快回!」老師說。













2018年6月5日 星期二


今天我要和大家介紹一套史上最暢銷的系列叢書《雞皮疙瘩》,我雖然沒有整套,但是我有 10 本。

爸爸說如果我能在六分鐘內解出魔術魔方,他就買 10 本給我,那 10 本看完,爸爸才會再買給我下 10 本。













2018年6月3日 星期日


Today I want to tell everyone about a game called Hamster, I downloaded this game in the morning.

This game is about feeding lots of hamsters, you can feed them sunflower seeds or some food.

You can design your hamster's house, you can buy toys or foods and put the foods in the hamster's house.

You can earn a hamster by 400 sunflower seeds, but the computer will choose for you, that makes me excited.

I want to see my hamster Muffin come out, because I didn't see it come out before, I think it is cute.

Some hamsters are fat, but they are still very cute, I like the thin hamsters the most, because they are cuter.

Every hamster has something it like, so if you want to see a hamster, you needed to put the things that it likes.

Some things need lots of sunflower seeds to exchange, some things need lots of golden sunflower seeds to exchange.

In this game, the golden sunflower seeds need real money to get, or you need to use 600 sunflower seeds to exchange.

I think this game is very fun, because inside this game, the hamsters are all cute, so I like this game.

2018年6月2日 星期六


Today I want to tell everyone about that I played a game called 2048, this game is about moving blocks.

If the blocks that you move are the same number, it will be the number that the 2 numbers plus together.

The largest number that you can plus is 2048, that's why the game's name is 2048, that is hard.

The largest number that I have gotten is 256, I can't even get larger, and I played a lot of times.

I played lot of times, and my highest point is 3684, and I can't play higher than this score.

I want one day I could plus the number to 2048, but I think it is impossible, maybe I can when I am older.

I think I can if I didn't give up, but I need to know more things, and play more or read more books about math.

I don't know who finished 2048, and how did they do it, maybe they are just lucky, or they really knew how to do it every times?

I think I won't delete this game, because I really want to get 2048, so I will never delete this game.

we are going to Japan

Today I am going to tell everyone about that I am going to Japan this year, and I am very excited.

When my Mom told us the places that we will go, I am very excited, and I think there will be very fun.

We will go on the plane for 4 hours, and I don't know what can I do on the plane with no television.

I think I will bring my note book on the plane, and write down what am I going to know about?

I think I will write about that what is our hotel's name, what is our tour guides name, and some of those questions.

I want to quickly know about what are we going to visit and where are we flying to? I think that is fun。

I want to go on the car and write down that the tour guide says, and the history of Japan.

I will write down what hotel will we go to, and I will write down the imformation very clear, so I know the imformations.

I think when I am going to Japan, I will be very happy, but if I am going back, I will be very sad.