Jin's blog: Trick or treat WFU

2017年10月26日 星期四

Trick or treat

Today I want to tell everyone about trick or treat, this is Pokémon GO's activity, this is about Halloween Pokémon.


In this activity, when you caught a Pokémon, you will get double candies, and you can find scary Pokémon on the street.


This activity ends at November 2, if you want to catch those scary Pokemon, you must play now, because the activity will end soon.

( 11 月 2 日就是這個活動結束的那一天,如果你想要抓很多隻寶可夢,你現在就必須馬上開始抓,不然會來不及。)

I think this activity is very good, because you can catch a lot of scary Pokemon, and you can have double candy.