Jin's blog: Shell Shockers / The KDR Increased WFU

2019年6月19日 星期三

Shell Shockers / The KDR Increased

Today I want to tell everyone about I played Shell Shockers and my KDR increased a little bit, and I am happy, and I have a new streak, too.

When the video started, my streak is 10, because we were playing before recording the video, and we both got the new streak.

Now I have about 3200 golden eggs, and I need 3500 golden eggs to get a new hat, so I want to keep a lot of golden eggs.

This time we played in different maps, and I got 3200 golden eggs when the video ends, so I am really happy.

I think this video is very good, because I got 3200 golden eggs, and we just need 300 more to get a hat.