Jin's blog: Line Rangers / Game Introduction WFU

2019年6月9日 星期日

Line Rangers / Game Introduction

Today I want to tell everyone about the game I played recently, and the game is called Line Rangers.

In this game, you need to control the heroes and go fight the bad guy that kidnapped Sally, and this is the main stage.

There is a mode called PVP, you can fight with the others and get trophies, so you can level up your PVP rank.

In the end of the season, you can get some gems, the higher rank you are, the more gems you will get.

You can go gotcha, too, there are different kinds of gotcha, you can get some heroes when you go gotcha, and sometimes Line Rangers will work with some famous characters, and you might get them, too.

There is a mode called Infinity Tower, you need to save Sally in the tower, and there are 50 stage you need to complete, if you complete one level, you can get some coins or some boxes.

There is also a mode called Special Stage, and there are some stages, too, when you complete a stage, you can press a button to let the computer pick a special item, the special item can sometimes be a hero or an evolution item.

You can evolve a hero when it is in max level, and it has all the evolution item it needs, you can evolve the hero, but the hero after evolution will be level one.

You can also join a team, and you can fight in the team fighting stage, there are different protectors of the stage, and you need to defeat them in order to get some really good weapons.

There is a tower, and you can make evolution items, train the heroes, and even get materials from the heroes.

You need to have enough materials to make evolution items, so you can get materials from a hero, but the hero will be gone. If the hero is stronger, the more materials you will get.

I think the game introduction is good, maybe you should try this game, too, and maybe the characters that Line Rangers work with is the characters you knew!