Jin's blog: Minecraft / Hide and Seek and Death Run WFU

2019年6月15日 星期六

Minecraft / Hide and Seek and Death Run

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played Minecraft, and I played with my brother, we played Hide and Seek and Death Run.

I am really happy to play Minecraft, because it's been a while since I played and filmed a Minecraft video.

When we are playing Hide and Seek, I was always a bookshelf. When we are playing the first game, at the last 4 seconds, a seeker found me, but I ran out, so I won.

Then we played Death Run, when we are in the game, I am the death, my mission is to trap people, but I won't get anything.

I think this video contains a lot of fun parts, like running away from the seekers, and being a death.