2018年12月12日 星期三

I went to my Dad's speech

Today I want to tell everyone that I went to my Dad's speech, and I really like it, so I am going to tell everyone.

My Dad's elementary school teacher is now the elementary school's principal, so he invited my Dad to give a talk. The principal helped my Dad to go to junior high school, and my Dad is very happy, so he accepted the invitation.

Today I went to the elementary school, too, and in my Dad's PowerPoint, there are the videos I made.

First, when I was there, my family and I went to the principal's office, and we had tea and some conversations.

Then we went to listen to my Dad's talk, and I think it is very interesting, and I really like it. In the presentation, there is my blog's picture, and my Dad talked about his history, and it is the first time that I listened to my Dad's school story.

My Dad is the only student in the elementary school that has passed a very hard exam, and everyone was surprised. Then my Dad went to junior high, and he passed the senior high exam in grade 2, so he didn't study in junior high grade 3.

When my Dad is in university, he studied Medicine. He chose Radiology as his career and he thinks he is good at it. He stayed at the hospital for 10 years, then he started his own company, and he teaches doctors how to present.

Then he talked about what do we do during elementary school, and showed our video and projects, I laughed.

When we finished listening to my Dad's presentation, we went to my Dad's old classroom. It is already more than 30 years old.

Then we went back to Taichung and I went to my English class.

I think today is very fun, because I know the stories of my Dad now, so I can try to think what will I do next.