Jin's blog: The first allergy I ever got WFU

2019年8月20日 星期二

The first allergy I ever got

Today I want to tell everyone about I have an allergy yesterday, and getting allergies isn't good because you will feel uncomfortable.

After I ate my dinner, my neck became red, and there are shapes of a mosquito bite, first, I thought that is really a mosquito bite, but there are more and more, so I told Mom and Dad, and Dad said I had an allergy.

I was very nervous, because this is the first time I ever had an allergy, and I don't know what will happen next, so I went to Dad's bedroom and rest.

I felt itchy when I am resting, and I found out that there are a lot of things like mosquito bites on my skin.

Then Dad said getting the thing like mosquito bites are better then not getting it because if you didn't get the thing, it is more dangerous.

When my dad said the allergy will be over in about an hour, I felt really happy, because I thought this allergy will never end.

I felt sleepy, so I decided to sleep, but my body is itchy, so I can't really fall asleep, and I decided to watch videos.

When you don't have an allergy, you will think resting is good, but if you really got an allergy, you want to sleep, even you won't want to do the thing you like to do the most.

After an hour, I am very happy, because the allergy is almost gone, and I learned a lot from Dad yesterday about the allergy.

I think getting allergy is very bad because you will feel uncomfortable, but having an experience like this isn't bad, because the next time you got an allergy, you will know what to do.

I think the reason I get an allergy is because of the thing I ate for dinner, but maybe the reason is something else, so I will try to avoid eating the thing I ate yesterday and eat something more healthy.

I think I will try to avoid the same allergen again, and I will try to eat something healthy to avoid getting allergy again.