2021年4月12日 星期一

World Number 2!! VEX IQ 2021 Rise Above World Skills Standings Second Place


I want to introduce you the team that got Second Place in VEX IQ 2021 Rise Above World Skills Standings, 6699B, Unicorn Pucher! Which is comprised of Jin and her brother, Yu.

Jin: "We started to participate in VEX IQ Competition on July 7th, 2020, so this is our first year competing, this year's VEX IQ Challenge is called Rise Above, which has 27 risers, and you have to stack them up and form a line for points, and the time limit is 1 minute, and the max score you can get is 306 points."

For VEX IQ Challenges, there will be two types of challenges, the first one is the Teamwork Challenge, in which you have to team up with another team to get points, and both teams will receive the same score. 

The second one is Skills Challenge, in which you will do this on your own and get as many points as you can, the field set up will be different from the Teamwork Challenge. For Skills Challenge, this challenge will be divided into driver skill and programming skill, as you can see, driver skill is to control your robot to get points, and programming skill is to program your robot to get points, both points will be added up for your Skills Challenge Score.

This year is special because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the challenges are online, and the field set up for the Teamwork Challenge also changed to adjust for the online competition.

On March 27th, 2021, team 6699B attempted to participate in a pre-recorded skills match, and their goal is to get more than 346 points, which is the score that the World Skills Standings Second Place held at that time, so if team 6699B got more than 346 points, they would be the second place.

At that time the Frist Place held 447 points, and 6699B can get 141 points in Programming Skills and 210 in Driver Skills at most, but for these two points added together, they still couldn't beat the first place.

They also participated in a West Virginia VEX IQ Challenge Qualifier, this competition is a Live Remote Skills competition, they got 284 points at last, even though it wasn't able to beat the Second Place holder, but they got the 10th place in the World Skills Standings.

They got Excellence Award and Robot Skills Second place for the West Virginia Live Remote Skills competition, the judges liked how they introduced their robot, it was a good result after all.

At last, team 6699B successfully beat the high score 346 points with one point higher, which is 347 points, they got 141 points in programming skills and 206 points in driver skills, what a perfectly calculated score!

Jin: "I am really happy that we got this high score, after all the effort we put in this competition, a good score finally came out, and we will keep up the good work, and work even harder next time, attempting to be the first place!"