2021年6月2日 星期三

World Champion! VEX IQ 2020-2021 Rise Above World Championship LRS Elementary Division: Design Award

On 2021/5/25, we participated in the VIQC World Championship LRS (Live Remote Skills) Elementary Division, in which we had 3 chances for each driver skills and programming skills, and we could queue for one chance at a time.

At last, we completed the competition with 8th place on the scoreboard, and we got the Design Award, which is one of the WC (World Champion) awards in the mercury division. We scored 210 points in driver skills, and 77 points in programming skills, and a total of 287 points.

Our goal was to get driver 274 points and programming 141 points, with a total of 415. However, we got nernous and we think the final 287 is also not bad.

After the competition, we thought of some reasons that we got the Design Award. First, before 5/25, we had our team interview, and I think we performed well in the interview. Second, our engineering notebook, we continually wrote our notebook, including the problems we encountered and how we improved our skills.

This is the robot that we use for this world championship, and this robot had several prototypes, and at last, we decided to stick with this one and do our best to improve our skills.

In this season of VEX IQ, we got a total of two Excellence Awards, two Design Awards, and one Robot Skills Champion and one Second Place Award, and a Teamwork Second Place Award. We worked really hard this season and I hope we can do better in the next season.

In order to improve, I think I have to practice more often, and also try to always think of a new way to design the robot, and strategies. I am really looking forward to competing in VEX IQ next season, and we will enter another level, the middle school division.